All good things must come to an end

You know. It’s around this time everyone’s starting to write their "Oh GOD no, not school!" style entries. I thought hey, why not join the par-tay? It’s kind of hard not to. I’ve had these two full weeks to myself, just… staring at me in the face and daring me to do something with them. What did I come up with? Nada. Well, not much to brag of at any rate.
I’ve enjoyed the recent days, (namely starting from yesterday), when things finally started to look up again. Life began to work out for me at regular and reasonable intervals. I could not only handle it for a change, but I was in control of how I felt. No more senseless rage, no more pain that wracked my heart, no more day after day of wishing I could break something. I did come close to attacking a few chairs, and an unfortunate glass coaster that happened to find its way into my hand. Luckily enough for the aforementioned coaster, my self-control is surprisingly adept at handling those sort of situations. I can’t seem to snap for any reason at anything, which is troublesome seeing as some of my frustration tends to leak out during school hours.
Anyway, those times are past now. A good thing. This weekend, I unwound. Everything worked out, and that’s all I needed for life to become as close to perfect as possible. To worry about trivial things, like having to spend three hours at church against my will, or having a broken pencil case to dampen my mood when school resumes. God I’ve missed those worries, where there’s nothing more to plague the meaning of my existence. So I suppose it is fair to say one thing of these holidays- they have given me the chance to start again. To face the next 6 weeks with renewed vigour, like any Trinity man boasts. I suppose with the morrow, I will write myself a to-do list on that blessed whiteboard of mine, and set everything I have to completing it in time.
Not much of an entry, I must say. More like an empty mind letting his fingers flutter across the keyboard (130 words a minute woots), pouring down every word thoughtlessly.
Oh, whilst I remember, there are two things that currently capture my interest. The first is the dissociation theory- separating the body, mind and spirit. The second is the nature of Taoism.
If anybody at all knows anything of these two topics, I will accept the information graciously. If not, eh. I’ll look it up on the internet anyway.

6 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Reee buh byes holidays for me! Hmms..Oh well. All I can say is, enjoy your last day to relax or whatever it is you choose to do because it’ll be over soon enough. Hehe anyways, byes! :)

  2. Derrick says:

    … just enjoy your six week term already, a full month shorter than ours. hokay?

  3. Ivy says:

    Taoism? Doesn’t that mean the balance of Yin and Yang? OH YEAH AND YIN AND YANG WON I SO ROCK.I can ask about the theory for you. I shall try it too. Guess what are the three names I’e picked for my body, mind and soul?Princess, Goddess, Angel. <3:P Wheeee six weeks then Singapore, and baby!!

  4. Solomon says:

    I am sorry. You would not be able to find anything about dissociation theory on the internet. It is so raw it is not even in its beta testing phase. Frankly, there’s a lot of new ground to cover and explore. I would be honoured if you could join me in turning it into something better. Welcome to the trinity/triad/tri-out."What’s a tree-out?" – the Longest Yard.

  5. John says:

    Solomon, I did find a few websites on it. Only one was decent, but it would have taken an hour to read. I didn’t bother, settling for the fact it would be much easier to have decent conversations with people who knew what they were on about, or otherwise formulate plans myself. When facing your company, I’ll take the latter. Nothing personal, just a matter of morality. Something you seem to lack.

  6. Ivy says:

    So mean! You should stop flaming each other.This is a command! <3 First one gets kisses-

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