I’ll add to this later

Everything seems so negative right now. Seriously. Everywhere I look, negative negative negative. Where’s the joy in the world?
In the words of Macbeth, out, out brief candle!
EDIT 1: Perhaps there’s a reason my hands are always cold. Seriously, they’re generally colder than the rest of my body 24/7. Colder than everyone else’s, too. It makes wearing a mood ring very very sucky, because it’s black. It’s always black. It doesn’t change colour, unless I’m in the sun or after a hot shower or something. I can’t heat it enough to make it change. Hm… well I’m sure things will work out in the end.
I’ve always liked my cold hands for some reason. Rather hard on me in winter though. I’m just cold blooded, but with a warm heart (apparently). Meep.

One thought on “I’ll add to this later

  1. Pat. says:

    Wear gloves. Or, stick them in the toaster.Cheers out.

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