Fight or Flight?

Ever since I can remember, I have never liked running. Rather, I have
never liked fear. If you run in a blind panic, you don’t even know what
you’re running from. You’re just fleeing, and God knows what could
happen to you if you’re caught. I much prefer to ready myself and face
whatever it is that challenges me. We’re talking completely physical,

It’s just a reaction for me. Fight or flight, 95%, easily, of the time,
I will choose fight. If, for instance, I am about to brush my teeth and
a large and imposing figure leaps out into the doorway with a roar, it
is pure instinct to drop my weight onto my back leg and raise my fist
tightly in preparation for a block and parry. Or if I’m packing away
gym equipment and something relatively large, suspiciously like a
soccerball, hits the tin roll-a-door, my reflexes are instantaneous,
crouching low and spinning around, guard up. I don’t get it. Why fight?
Why don’t I jump and shriek, and grab my racing heart? Always on the
ready, always prepared for battle, I don’t get it.

Why fight?


7 thoughts on “Fight or Flight?

  1. Ivy says:

    It’s your warrior instinct! Now you can protect me from bad guys!! <3

  2. Matthew says:

    We are born to fight or flee. I personally believe you might as well be ready, rather than wasting your natural and inborn talent. You are in the middle-upper classes. The chances are you will never be in a lethal fight situation. I’ve not been in one yet, and thus I don’t know how I would handle myself in one. All I can do is be ready. If you’re ready, you’re two steps ahead of the rest.

  3. Unknown says:

    YES!!!!!A review from Wildflame himself. I am honoured.Two steps ahead? BOOM YEAH! *dances*(I actually leapt out of my chair and danced when I read that. You have no idea how much of an honour it is to be complimented by the illustrious Wildflame110!!!)

  4. Solomon says:

    Fight to protect your loved ones, yes. Fighting as an instantaneous reaction to aggression is natural. Let’s survive, shall we? If the quickest route to survival involves destroying the enemy, why not? Whatever decision you reach, the question ‘why not’ is important.If you fight in a blind panic, you don’t even know what you are fighting. My first instinct is to fight, my second is to buy myself reaction time. Give me .3 seconds to react and I shall catch the ball. Give me .8, and I will dodge bullets, knowing that some things cannot be fought.

  5. Ivy says:

    Why not? Why not! Wheee! I have knights!

  6. Solomon says:

    Blip. Do you know that one of the side effects of blocking someone is that the person is no longer able to view your space? How did your oral exam go?

  7. Ivy says:

    Hi baby it’s 6.09am and I’ve not slept through the night I’m a grumpy PMSing zombie with sharp teeth rar I want to eat you. *chomps on John’s arm*I love you~ <3Ivy

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