Ben Lee

Swearing is a sign of stupidity. By not swearing, you encourage a
higher level of insulting, to put it in the words of Dylan Misso. Then
again, he’s the one who cried out "Someone’s nicked my spare pair of
undies!" in the all boy’s school change rooms. Smart one Dylan.

At any rate, I’m pretty cheesed off. Not swearing, see? It’s harder
than you think, when you feel like.. er, something bad. Like er… a..
er… whatever. Smooth vocab, eh?

Well, I thought I would say that I got a fine of $50 for riding on a
train without a ticket. I thanked him for it, but I have much to learn
about playing different parts. It was the one day I had to forget, but
I thought that I would play with fate and see if I could get away with
it. I learned my lesson. Gambling is a bitch.

Gamble everything for love, gamble everything. Put it in a place you keep what you need…


3 thoughts on “Ben Lee

  1. Ivy says:

    Silly little baby, you’re so adorable in the wrong way sometimes. Wow they’re so strict about it. In any case, Singapore’s not like that, and I think it’s much better. There’s absolutely no way you can get into the train without tapping your card on the barrier- sort of like your multi rider? It’s much better, and even if you’re discovered and you can’t go out at the other end they won’t care to give you a fine. And buses, they’ll just call you back to pay 50 cents.All the more reason you should migrate to Singapore, along with the fact you pay 40% income tax in Australia. O_o*huggles baby* <3 Love ya.

  2. Matthew says:

    Actually, it goes up to 47%. :POtherwise, they’re trying to install a mix of the Singapore and Hong Kong systems here, so fare-jumping shoudn’t happen much anymore.I’m sure there’s a lesson here, John – you get what you avoid paying for. Even if it is accidental.

  3. Ivy says:

    Singapore rocks.

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