I’d just like to apologise for that last entry. I was having a pretty dodgy night, and ended up punching the wall as hard as I could. I didn’t mean to connect fully, just graze the surface, but a good term to use here would be, "I lost control". There’s now a small dent to remind me of ‘the night I lost control’. A hammer on a tree is a better alternative than a fist on a wall, too.
At any rate, sorry ’bout that, ignore all the cussing and swearing. My career will come and go in the end, but it doesn’t really matter. Something I’ve realised (but haven’t given much thought to- there’s no point in being depressed) is things will always work out in the end. If they don’t, and you die, well then so what? You’ve finished life, no more problems. Things ALWAYS work out in the end, except that final time of death, when no things in life matter anymore. So really, live life happily, there’s no point in dwelling on the sadness, for when you’re down, the only other way to look is up.

2 thoughts on “~Sorry~

  1. Pat. says:

    Er…okay..but you don;t really need to apologise, as those were your own thoughts anyway.Had the royal show today. Was frickin’ awesome.Cheers out!

  2. Ivy says:

    -huggles- =)I love you.

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