Holy fucking hell, I don’t believe this shit.
I’m not allowed to study psychology when I leave school? Oh boo hoo, it’s for stupid people, it’s a waste of talent! 69 in your TEE (final exams out of 100), what a waste John! Well guess what! It’s what I want to do, it’s what I’m interested in.
For the first time I can remember, I raised my voice (seriously) at my mother.
"You want me to get a job that will pay well!"
She probably does. Something that can earn respect. Wouldn’t a doctor of psychology fit that description? Oh come on…
EDIT: Well I found out that if I study psychology seriously, I’ll be 30 when I start work. How’s that for a sucky life? Perhaps a behavioural scientist. I don’t know. I’ll have to wait until I see what paths lead where and what I can do with my options. God I’m fucked up right now.
DOUBLE EDIT: Wow, look at that. My future’s being fucked around with right now. Doing pharmacy instead of psychology, meaning I have to re-select all my subjects next year, and will probably end up doing a harder maths course and physics, two subjects which I rejoiced in being rid of forever. Well fuck that shit, I think I’ll just run away from home and drop out of school entirely. I can join the military or something and steal a plane to get to Singapore and Ivy and I can elope to Hawaii. Yep, that’s Plan B. Plan A is to wait until I’m thinking logically, and come up with a new plan.

3 thoughts on “Vocations

  1. Ivy says:

    Baby, I support you all the way, whichever way you want to choose. I just want you to know that.As for subject combinations, I don’t know if I have told you mine, but I chose to drop Geography and Psychics to go on with Biology, Chemistry, Literature and History.Seriously, I highly doubt how these subjects will possibly help me in my fewer career, but because we only take this subjects that are available, it makes the path ahead seem so narrow.There are many, many jobs out there.And you probably won’t be studying the subject for it specifically till you get to university. So right now, why are you discussing something so important, something that must be planned out carefully throughout a course of time, in a spur of the moment fistfight? Besides, did you consider your interests might change? Mine varied throughout the months even though I’ve already submitted the form.To be honest, I do not think much of a psychologist. How many people can it actually help, compared to a person who cares? It isn’t a whole lot more, and the difference is that you get paid for it. Indeed, do you not have any other choices? Writing? You can be a journalist. Music? You can be a music teacher, or join a band. Something as abstract as social sciences can land you a job, why not?Just saying, you should not persist too determinedly on the career path of a psychologist yet, you’ve found what a long road it is, and how can you guaranteed you will not suddenly want to take a whole new path altogether, halfway through? But if you are truly sure you’ll have no regrets, I’ll support you through.As your future wife I would prefer you to be rich and famous, but hey, just stating my point of view, but I won’t mind if you chose a career of your passion, as long as you are happy. I do know I want to be rich and famous though.My kinda life till I retire.Take time about it sweetie, I’ll guide you along the way. <3

  2. Paul says:


  3. Matthew says:

    Talk to me about Psych; I’ve looked into that career path.

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