The impossible

I get the feeling I’m going to regret writing this entry, but just for the hell of it, I’m going to.

We started revising probability in maths today. 0 is impossible and 1
is certain. I stuck up my hand and everyone groaned, knowing it was a
stupid question/comment that only I cared about. Sadly enough, it was.

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is certain. There is some slight chance,
however tiny, that absolutely anything can happen in the world. "What’s
the chance it’s raining?" Mr Presser asked his Year 12 class. I
answered that it could have been an illusion. Perhaps something was
throwing water over the school, or installed television screens over
the maths class window, but there was a chance it was not raining. Of
course, nobody agreed with me. Mr Presser showed mercy though. He
admitted I could be right.

He then went on to an example of a marble in a box. You can shake it
around in there forever, but it’s probably not going to leave the box
until you open it. However, there is not a 100% chance it will stay in
there. He explained (in basics of course) a theory of quantum mechanics
or something along the lines. I had long since known he had a Physics
Minor from university, and what I comprehended it to be was that the
marble could appear simultaneously outside the box for a split second,
and that the chances were so slim it would only ever happen once in the
entire history of the Earth. Something to do with the particles moving
faster so time slows down. At any rate, I was right.

I also confirmed it with Mr Presser that no matter how many times you
drop a stone, you do not know whether it will fall to the floor or
float to the ceiling. Experience is not always a reliable teacher.

Of course, the class laughed, ridiculed and mocked me. Their jeers
haunted me for a little while, Binuk suggesting I try and punch a tree-
my hand might go through it. I have a theory that he could be right
though- if the particles moved so fast they simple passed
through/around the matter. Or the tree could have been a hologram, or
made of paper or something similar. At any rate, I was feeling pretty
crappy with myself. Nobody in the school seemed to believe the
‘impossible’ was capable. Mark believes in me though- Luca that is.

I felt like making it kind of a quest of mine to come up with something
that can do what people believes is impossible. An invention that would
make me rise up above all humanity, just to prove to them that I could.
"Everyone believes I will fail. I believe there is no such thing as the
impossible." Quote I wrote in my notepad. At any rate, I wonder what
people would do if I spent my life rattling a marble in a box and it
appeared outside of it simultaneously. Would they eat their words or
pass it off as an illusion, or they blinked while it happened?
Something tells me no matter what I can prove, the world will still
hate me for it.


7 thoughts on “The impossible

  1. Solomon says:

    This will not be philosophy until your develop your ideas a little further.

  2. Pat. says:

    Man, do I want to see what’s in that notepad…Anyhoo, yeah, it’s a funny subject isn’t it? This also explains that I could possibly punch through some guy’s head, should time slow down, and he wouldn’t even know! Of course, time WOULD speed up again, and I could leave my fist still lodged in the cranium…By the way, I think your questions are valid. The only tiniest littlest problem is that they are completely irrelevant (red herring) or just wacky. Though your idea of a tv. showing raining does seem like a good idea…like that channel that just showed a roaring fireplace all the time for some bizzare reason………Er, what? eh? where was I? Oh yes, that’s right..stay away from my booze, John. Not ’til your’re eighteen anyway.Cheers out.

  3. Ivy says:

    Baby you’re in a such a horrible school, why don’t you migrate here? Education is definitely better here and you develop yourself as aan individual in Raffles.If only you’re here baby.I love you so much. Why can’t we be together? Fate likes to play tricks on me.

  4. Derrick says:

    hahh, solomon might as well be loving the devil for all the good his "love of knowledge" has given the world. very well if i find out how to cure cancer or an ultimate purpose, but if my "developed ideas" would lead me to conclude that the past, present, and future in fact do NOT exist, then i know i’ve just wasted a good hour of my life.yup, i hereby denounce Solomon’s pseudophilosophy as utterly useless.and thus believe him completely incapable of judging what philosophy is.

  5. Paul says:

    Is it a 100% chance i die? even if my whole body was replaced by random things that keep me alive i have to die sooner or laterThat HAS to be 100%right???

  6. Ivy says:

    And you call yourself a friend?

  7. Matthew says:

    It is not 100% certain you’ll die until you’re dead. At which point you don’t particularly care anymore. The issue is that everything is a case of probability, and nailing something down as 100% certain is only good for either keeping the population stupid or simplifying a situation so that you can deal with it reasonably.It’s possible that I will wake up tomorrow morning and find that there is God’s own symphony written in my head, just begging to be put on paper… and I’m not going to wall off that possibility for the sake of staying sane. Sanity isn’t worth all that much to me. Possibility is what gives us the impulse to create, to change, to exist. If you want to philosophise, this is where you need to go, to look at how understanding a situation such as a maths discussion can bring light on who we are. You are getting there; good. Excellent! Why be frugal? You are getting there. You are ahead of Solomon on some counts; you perceive that philosophy is nothing unless it guides us or inspires us. And that is precisely what your reflections are doing.I look forward to more of this thought. Maybe one day I’ll lend you my journal. It’s… interesting…Friend, please contact me. We seem to have common ground, and common ground is good. :P

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