Stupidity at its finest

I have something of a confession to make. There are three boys in Year
9 (one year below me) that all find it positively hilarious to piss me
off and see how far they can push me without snapping. Oh how I desire
to bash their worthless heads in- at least that’s the impression
they’re giving me. All they seem to exist for is to express their
negativity towards the chorale (they got in on scholarships, so they
had to join a musical group) and particularly to me. All they seem to
do with every breath is to insult, and with every joule of energy,
impose it on other people for no reason. They crack stupid jokes about
sex and looking rank, and insult everyone that tries to talk to them.
They’re barely controllable at all. One of them happens to be
Chazwozzer’s (Patrick’s) cousin, too.

They nudge me in the back, they ruffle my hair, they poke my arm, and
wherever I go, I am haunted by callings of "Jimbo" and "Jimson".
Actually, it’s "Jim with a G" but that’s a different kid. I also have a
few year 8’s who’ve taken to calling me "Johnny" in addition to the
ones that call me "Jonmashel" in that horrible voice.

I mean, I don’t even frigging get it. They don’t know me, nor anything
about who I am, but somehow it spread from the Year 10’s to the Year
9’s, and now the Year 8’s. It was Christian McCloud (and apparently
Pete) who started the whole "Let’s say John’s name in a manner that
will piss him off to no avail!" thing, and the Year 9’s caught on as
quickly last year.

What have they got to gain? Pissing off a complete stranger, what point
is there in that? Seriously. Isn’t it an instinct to look after your
own kin? Doesn’t helping others bring insurmountable happiness? Then
why the hell do they decide it’s more fun to drive a guy nuts? I’m
seriously getting close to killing them, or at least that’s the extent
of my fantasies. Just snapping their necks, or someone else’s, to let
them know what I’m capable of. And they click in my ear to say "Snap
Jimbo, snap!" What imbeciles!


2 thoughts on “Stupidity at its finest

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Aww lol poor you! Hehe, there are heaps of people like that so you just have to learn to ignore it, but sometimes it’s hard to do that so I dunno. Lol how about…ANNOY THEM BACK! Hehe how fun it is to annoy people! Lol yeah, byes! :)

  2. Ivy says:

    Kick em’ where they hurts and let me do it!I can snipe.

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