A ray of Hope

A while back during the Performing Arts final concert, there was a
story that I thought was absolutely beautiful. Four candles were lit in
the darkness of the Perth Concert Hall, and they were titled Hope,
Peace, Love and Courage. It was a beautiful story- each of the four
candles shone through the darkness, until a character dressed in black
called Despair or something similar, came and blew them out one by
one.  The music and the atmosphere was so very tragic. A little
girl who had these four candles suddenly found herself being consumed
by the night time, like there was no light left for her in life… But
with Hope, the candle that had not stopped burning. She brought it to
the other three, and once again their light shone out. I think it bears
a powerful message, one I hope not to forget.

One thought on “A ray of Hope

  1. Ivy says:

    Oh baby this is so meaningful.Hope has never been a huge part of my life, somehow.Fate, love and understanding.I just know, I don’t have to hope. I can produce my own light, I just need a pair of hands to protect me from the wind. <3

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