We are one

Holy freakin’ crap. I just found out I’m not an Australian citizen.

Well that’s screwy. I’m the only one in my family actually born in Australia, and yet I’m the only one who’s not Australian. Hm…

Apparently I have a Burmese citizenship. This kinda screws over my whole "self identity" idea. Proud to be Australian? Yeah freakin’ right.


EDIT: Update! Guess what: I’m not Burmese either. I have no citizenship anywhere, because Mum and Dad were permanent residents of Australia when I was born, so I was classified as Australian too. However, I belong to no country- my allegiance is only with myself and those I give it to. I feel kind of special now- truly individual, truly unique, truly… me.

I shall invent a new race.
The Xin’s! Now bow down and worship your new Lord and Master of the Universe. Mwuhahahaha!


2 thoughts on “We are one

  1. Ivy says:

    Omg so now you’re my *Burmese* boyfriend.suits me fine. ^^ I love you!

  2. Wong says:

    Do I get to carry on that race?I suddenly know what our son’s chinese name would be.

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