The craziest thing I’ve ever done

I just knew you couldn’t resist a title like that! Heh heh, gotcha. Warning: Long entry, you will need the following items: Pop corn, a soft drink, a change of eyeballs lest you feel the need to gouge them out, or they simply fall out of their sockets from reading too many words.  Gosh my eyes hurt. I just rubbed them too much, but I have been rather tired all day. And woo, what a day it’s been. I went to Lee’s house for the majority of it.
We didn’t do much for the first half of the time I spent there- listened to sound waves and music on her laptop, talked about a tonne of stuff, went to the park and sat quietly in the sun for a while. I found out I’m a water elemental, meaning my gems include the blue topaz and the amethyst, my season is autumn, my metals include silver, colours involve blue, blue-green, white and grey, one of my plants is a rose, and I am feminine and apparently menstruate. I think all of it suits me, except the menstruation part. And of course, my ‘energy’ is recessive, and my powers are that over the snow and water. Funny, but I never really did like water all that much. Just to wash my hands, but I’ve always been kind of scared of it since I nearly drowned when I was young- or at least, I thought I was going to die. At any rate, water’s never been my thing, but otherwise it suits me perfectly.
At any rate, didn’t do all that much for a while. Just sat and talked with Lee in her room. She reckons I would look good with long hair, or spikes. What do you think? I argued that it wouldn’t seem very much like me, but she retaliated with something along the lines of ‘You are who you decide you are.’ Still, after a while we got this absolutely crazy idea. Her boyfriend, Simeon, gave her fluffy handcuffs for her birthday. Minus the fluff, the results were pretty smiffy (pretty exact replica of real metal handcuffs- police style), I must say. Nonetheless, I don’t remember the exact way it happened, but somehow I ended up handcuffed to her for the fun of it. Then we had this absolutely ingenius idea. Truly brilliant.
"Hey, let’s walk around the street andcuffed to each other!" Was she serious? Damn straight she was, and being my immodest self, I leapt at the opportunity. Uncuffing ourselves, we said see you later to her Nan and vanished for the next hour and a half. Rounding the end of the street, we replaced the handcuffs and laughed as we got some very peculiar looks from the drivers. Looks that said "What the freaking hell?!"
 As we walked past a bunch of Aborigines, one of them had the bravado to say "You two be behave yourself now," but we both laughed. Walking around for some time, we formulated further brilliant plans, such as asking people if they’d seen a key anywhere, or calling people with 1800 reverse (reverse charge call) and saying it was from "Two handcuffed people". We could go baby shopping, you know, borrow a tram and stick a baby doll in there and walk around looking for stuff. Realising there was a possibility I wouldn’t see Lee again for several months, I convinced her to take us to a deli so we could buy drinks. When we walked in, the guys started laughing, but we ignored them, arguing about what to get and simultaneously reaching for the drinks. It was hard getting my wallet out to pay for them, (my right hand was attached to her left) but we managed, while they tried not to say anything. I got red bull for the first time ever! Wooo tangy. I was tempted to go back in there and tell them it wasn’t what they thought (whatever they were thinking), but Lee was dragging me away. She also forbade me from knocking on her friend’s door’s house (Beth’s) in case her parents answered. Honestly, where’s her sense of adventure? :P
Anyhoo, we sat down under a gazebo to drink and relax for a little while, and she chose a different seat so we had a tug of war lol. Alas, the handcuffs kinda chafe (sp?) your skin if you resist! It made things difficult for us, unless we co-operated. Unfortunately, walking on either side of a pole doesn’t help because you’ll crash into each other straight after.
At any rate, we headed off to another park, and saw some guys with spray cans attacking a wall. A bunch of cars drove past, but nobody stopped them. Of course, Lee and I probably wouldn’t have been much of a match for them, and I was one arm down, so we just planned to scream and run if they decided to follow us. At any rate, we sat down together on the play ground, talking and resting for a little bit. It was really peaceful and beautiful, even with the sounds of traffic. There were birds singing and the wind was cool. It made me miss Ivy very much.
Still, still! Basically we strolled around, waving to the people and blowing kisses. An old man was walking his dog, which tried to sniff us, but he tugged on the chain.
"Don’t let them get away now!" he said to his four-legged companion, and we laughed. Whenever there was a car with the window down, I would say something along the lines of "It’s her fault." "She did it, not me!" "We’re innocent damnit, it’s those stupid coppers!" No, I wasn’t drunk, nor high at all! Just nuts. It was great fun though. Heh heh, ohhh that’s something to remember. It was pleasant being handcuffed to someone who was so similar to me in so many ways, but unique in her own sense.
Don’t worry darling, you haven’t got competition, but that was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I also got purple and silver ribbons in my hair, and used a cardboard roll to whack her. "You can run, but you can’t hide! I know where you live!" said Lee as she tried to escape me, but only succeeded in dragging me after her.Lol it was kind of sad to undo the handcuffs- I was enjoying myself!
Ahh, memorable day. I hope to have another one like it soon! Long entry, too. Hee hee, good times, good times. Go fluffy handcuffs!

3 thoughts on “The craziest thing I’ve ever done

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Hey! Lol I think you get it now…"socialising!" is the key. Hehe anyways, great to see that you had a good day. Well, so did I! Hehe so everyone’s happy today I guess! Hmms…Okie dokie, goodnight! :)

  2. Ivy says:

    Eeeeeeeeeee and you forgot to mention this when i asked you! lol you are always doing crazy things, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Would I have joined in? Maaaaaaaaybe but I will be very shy. Shyshy~ Heehee can you borrow the handcuffs from her when you come to Singapore? We’ll find some use for it, I’m sure. Don’t worry baby I’m not worried honest, just glad you had fun! Eeeee I want a picture of Lee! On second thoughts you would probably have to take alot of protesting from me before you can handcuff me and pull me out- or maybe you can’t take the whining! Or maybe I’ll cry! Wah- lol lucky thing Lee dares to. Woots woots. I miss you dear, Monday is so boring without you and homework and to think I’m home alone of all nights! Gah. I’m going to sleep I guess, see you soon! Muack muacksss <3Love, Ivypoo!P.s. Jun got hospitalised! But it’s nothing serious, he’ll be back soon I hope. Appendicitis or something.

  3. Ivy says:

    Oooo and by the way, you look so handsome with your hair gelled. Ooooor with it smooth and parted. Too bad your hair is not of the silky sort though! Muacks. <3You’re gorgeous. Nightnight!

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