The Biggest Loner in the World

Like the title? I don’t, but I came up with it on Friday night, so I have to presume that’s how I felt. You can certainly infer a lot from it.


Alas, this is the third time I write this entry, but it is with fierce determination I get it done on my laptop rather than the computer that freezes every little while and can’t be used for another hour. Still! On Friday was the social. Since I’m rather tired of writing about it, I’ll summarise the, well I’d guess about 21 x roughly, what, 50? Well I had written more than a thousand words on it anyway, and I still wasn’t done. That was summarised to a paragraph, and now I shall summarise further.


It was a costume party, held at the Mercedes (school) gym. One of those ‘formals’ you hear about, but it’s called a social here. Rather hard to socialise when you have to yell at someone a foot away from you to be heard. Of the costumes, were several pimps (classic suits, hats and blings), gangsters, Italian mafia (funny thing was, some guy pushed one of the mafia members, and the next thing he knew he was surrounded by black suits, sunglasses and guns. We never heard from him again), you know, crazy people. A gorilla, Bananas in Pajamas, two pandas, a chicky, a gorilla, a girl, bunch of superheroes… Of the spectacular costumes were Pei Mei from Kill Bill (Liam Blackford. We tried to hook him up with Black Mamba but he refused), Willy Wonka (Matt Isiah had it custom made- and it was an exact replica of Johnny Depp, seriously. Absolutely perfect, and he can do the voice and expressions really well!) won 1st and 2nd prize, though I thought Neo (Chazwozzer) looked way better. I also thought Jess looked nice, though I can’t say I knew what her costume was. I was really glad to talk to her again though- her voice is a lot sweeter than I remember (though not as angelic or adorable as Ivy’s of course!) and it was nice seeing her again. Hm… Ah yes, myself. Just wearing my black cloak and a sword Ivy bought for me when she was here- I was Juste, the warrior.


Basically I was enjoying everyone’s costumes and having swordfights with the pandas who brought knives, and Liam (Pei Mei) with his scimitar. Of course I slaughtered them all, but that’s just because they’re crap, not saying I’m good. At any rate, I figured I would be able to hold out quite happily until the end of the social. Until about one and a half hours in, anyway, when Curtis picked a fight with me. He was a pimp with a heavy wooden cane, and so SMACK! My sword snapped and skittered across the floor. I threw it away bitterly, and my anger turned to sadness, then to guilt, then to depression. I spent the rest of the evening moping around to put it mildly. I covered my eyes with the hood of the cloak and strolled around, pretending I had a purpose. I sat down occassionally, thinking to myself. I wondered what I would do if  Ivy were there- then I reckoned that I wouldn’t be at the social if she was there, which didn’t help my mood at all. For the last half hour, I just sat by myself despite all of my semi-friends talking nearby.


Jess came up to me and protested twice, but I wasn’t much for socialising after I realised that it really was a stupid occassion. Two girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. I looked up and pulled my hood off, with an oh-so-intelligent "What?" T’was at that moment the song changed and they screamed, looking torwards the stage with everyone else. Apparently a favourite of theirs, they kinda drifted away from me slowly, and I was forgotten once more, but it made me smile. Someone seemed to care, even for a moment. I do admit, though, that I was just being a loner on purpose. I chose to be, that night, for reasons unknown. Just didn’t know how to fit in I guess. I felt like running across the walls and jumping off them, being stupid and daring as I love so, but I figured it wasn’t worth getting suspended for giving TC a bad name.


Still, that was my Friday night, and I was truly grateful when it was over. It’s a lonely existance, life is.


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loner in the World

  1. Ivy says:

    Till I come over with you and put meaning into your life. <3 You’ll be eating your words and my cookies. And other things which rhymes! Cheer up honey, I love you. <3

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Hey hey!Lol the social was fun! Hmm I should have made more of an effort to talk to you though, I’m sorry…Anyways, your costume was kewl as well :) Hmm…I can’t think of what else I was going to say because of the tremendous lack of sleep I have had in the past few days because of the social and my mum’s birthday party which ended at about 5-6 in the morning and then I was woken up at about 8:30 because my cousins came over! Hehe, well I’ll see you later and I’m also sorry that I forgot your rocks. Lol byas!!! :)

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