Ideas of a just world

"Perhaps we should just all become poor…" I muttered to myself. "Why… that’s a stroke of genius!" Isn’t it?
If all of us shared the wealth in the world, then we’d all be treated as equal. Communism, marxism, a lot of ism’s there, but what if we were all to become poor? It is said that the poor are those who will help. The poor are the ones that know the value of life, and how to be happy. Money can’t buy happiness, for millionaire’s think they’re only so-so in financial regard. They are forced to live for others, their wealth giving them no joy beyond materialism, but it is those without possessions that know the best things in life are free.
Lot of quotes in there. At any rate, what would happen if all of us were cast into poverty, with only enough to live? Would we not then look outwards rather than in? Why are the lives of third class citizens worth less than those from the first class? It’s all human life, we’re all one people.
I wonder why people haven’t thought about the ideas I have. If they had, in theory, the world would be perfect wouldn’t it? Oh so young, oh so naive, oh so full of virtue. The innocent adolescent, searching for his identity and yada yada yada. Yes yes yes, I know all that. But really, what am I missing? Why is now the age I come up with all these ideas and problems and solutions, and yet the adults, four times my age with all their wisdom and experience, think differently? I’m definitely missing something.

6 thoughts on “Ideas of a just world

  1. Pat. says:

    Yeah, I think it’s the fact that most older people cannot accept any general change in society. I mean of course, it’s a brilliant idea and all, but do you think people will actually listen? Do you think they’ll listen in years to come? If you don’t understand what I mean, take a look at what happened in Animal farm. People always want more, and you cannot change that. It’s been instinctively set in place in humans ever since the birth of original sin, where that naked chic ate some fruit and gave it to her hubby.You see, John, in terms of age today you are in adolecense. Its a big era of change in human development (like I said for that song evaluation thing we did for English. I hope you were listening!). Change right now in society would be fine to you, but think of seniors. Would they like it if they suddenly became richer or poorer? Of course not. Do you think honest citizens, working to make a living, would like it if some were stripped of their possessions right at this moment? of course not. I mean, people WOULD discover the secret to life said you said, but this would be eventual, and at great rates of time. People can’t learn anything within an instant.Great idea and all, but it’s a shame it would never work. Unless we all got a kick up the wazoo by God or something. Any way, that’s my two cents. Cheers out.

  2. Shibi says:

    "end poverty and hunger… eat poor people"unfortunately the world doesn’t work the way you want it to….. and though you may say the best things in are free….. is it truly….. nothing in this life is free……. we all pay a price for everything we do, think, and feel…… is losing knowledge worth feeling equal?and wisdom only comes from the paths we choose to walk….. and personally, at your age, your paths haven’t even begun to appear…….xX shibi Xx

  3. Solomon says:

    Lol. I am exploring the current trend of world systems. I call it (modestly) Solomon’s Cyclic Theory. It’s pretty cool. It follows Marxism’s dialectic theory, where the class gap gradually becomes smaller (monarchy-slavery, feudalism-serfs, moneybaggers-working class, geddit?) until there is no gap. Thus communism was born!This follows roughly back a trip down memory lane, where communism was first sighted in primitive tribes. Evidently, Monarchy followed. So the process goes like this.Communism-Monarchy-Feudalism-Capitalism-Communism-MonarchyAll the way. So there is no real best government. All are passing trends.

  4. Pete says:

    A just world? Whahahaha…you gotta be kidding me. Anyway communism was a great idea that failed to work…because of human nature. Greed is just a part of human nature and sooo…we’re screwed. So much for ze juste worlde. It would work if we didnt have any social class. Then there’d be no-one under or over us to oppress us or for us to oppress. No social…class…woop woop. Anyway, on the lighter-side of things, think about the communist-nazi-totalitarians!!! Nationalist, socialist AND fascist…awwwwwwwwwwwwesooooooome :D. Liiiiike…the country could be Asian-prohibited. But the communist aspect of it says that all should be equal. Then the politicians would be "What the…we’re screwed. Chink fest here we come." Then the Nazi aspect kicks in and will be like "MEIN FUHRER KNOWS BEST!!!! DEUSCHAHUND!!! (sp?)" And run around trying to complete whether or not the is flat or is a cube. But in teh end Asians just go "Fuk dat" and move out. And then the Anti-Asian law is fulfilled ^_^. I’m Asian so dont gimme shit for that -_-I have ADD so dont pay attention to what i say…ooo look a moth around a lamp…

  5. John says:

    I had no intention of listening to your mindless rambling, Pete.

  6. Ivy says:

    Eeep??? I agree with John and Solomon! <3And I think they should both gimme chocolates wheeeeLove,Ivypoo!

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