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Life’s a fickle thing, it is.
Yesterday was a great day, despite all contrary beliefs. In the morning, we got locked in our classroom during "Pastoral Care Group"- just a classroom gathering to start the day before we all shuffle off to the various classes. At any rate, the door was jammed and no amount of screaming for mercy would open it.
"Oi, blokes, settle down! We have to use our heads! We may have to live here for a number of years, and so we’re Trinity men! We find solutions! And Dave [fat kid who’s one of those loveable bullies] needs his food! They can throw it through the window…" At this point in time, Dean had resorted to ramming the door with his shoulder. Mr Kos managed to get the class under control with somemore of his prep talks about being the leaders of the future and thinking rather than panicking and read out the Daily Bulletin, outlining anything students had to do for the day (eg, choir practice moved to Thursday). Someone called out for him to speak louder because Isaac Dart needed to hear something about athletics. Outside there was a faint "Darty!" Lol it was actually pretty funny, hearing the distance voices. I stood on a desk to look out the window, and the first thing I saw was Mr Quatermaine’s face glaring right at me. I nearly shrieked. "Down. Oi you, down, down down!" he said as more people tried to see what was happening in the outside world. Anyways, we got out after about 15 minutes.
I think I did quite well in my SOSE essay too- history, I’m rather good at it. I just sat down and wrote about 5 pages of esssay as well as a decent plan, and covered most of it. I’m hoping to get around 80% (16/20)- I ran out of time, but brought up what I believe are some valid arguements and points. Anyway, I’ve aced Economics, Geography and History so far. It’ll be interesting seeing how I do in Politics- something I despise. Tennis, compared to the rest of my class, I’m almost a demi-god. I’m not saying I’m good, I’m saying they’re crap, but it makes me look good so hey! It’s cool with me.
What really kinda bites though is that ah… both Lee and Shibi were forced to cancel seeing me this weekend, so there goes my social life. I’ve been looking forward to getting some sort of decent socialising done since I found out, a week and two weeks respectively ago. I came to the conclusion that God has a cruel sense of humour and this has something to do with my lack of work with English- or it’s just an unfortunate coincidence. Nonetheless, I’ve got the rest of Saturday to make my time well spent, and I plan to do my best. *sigh* I do feel very empty and hurt though. Pain’s a part of life and all that, looks like I’ll just have to move on and get down to it.
"When one cannot lean on others, he must look inward to discover his own strength."

One thought on “Just stuff

  1. Pat. says:

    Yes, there’s nothing more terrifying than Quartermaine’s mug glaring back at you, isn’t there?Yes, I also aced my sose essay too. I perfected my time management to the minute, which was great, and wrote six pages. I’m sorry John, but the sose teachers said to us that plans don’t contribute to marks (unless of course it was for personal gain). Man, i like volleyball. Apart from the fact that it is the ONLY sport I am actually good at, the main advantage is that I am better than the people who basically try to oppose me (boy, did I show Jenkins, Andre, and to a lesser extent, Pisano). I just went and saw Red Eye with the usuals at the movies. It was pretty dud, too. I actually do want to see that Wallace and Gromit movie though (I know you just love them, John).I also should get my own blog space. I have an annoying habit of writing to much in other people’s.Cheers out.

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