Tales of Singapore

Of late, I seemed to have developed a new passion.

Whenever we’re in History, learning about World War 2, the subject of the Fall of Singapore arises. I despise those three words- as I’ve argued many a time (with empty threats as my only proof), Singapore never fell. It was always in glory.

I feel almost patriotic by obligation. I can’t really explain it, but yeah when I was running out of time in the IT test (I had to do two in one period because I missed last week’s), there was a question that read along the lines of "Why was Singapore so important to the British, and why did it fall?" I wrote in large letters, taking up two lines per letter,



(The land of milk and honey, sir.)


Something tells me I didn’t quite get full marks for that one. Nevertheless, we were reading in class today and it announced the name of a Singaporean Prime Minister. From the front of the class, you could hear this "Yay!" When the Japanese stormed through Malaya, someone cursed "Damn you!" Mr Osnain looked right at me and ordered me to read with a laugh.
"All righty! Singapore- the land of milk and honey- blah blah blah" and I have no reason why either. I just feel I have more of me attached to Singapore than Australia. Probably because all I’ve gotten from Singapore are positive experiences, and I cannot say the same for Australia. Mr Osnain finally interrupted the laughter and comments with a "He’s from Singapore people!" to explain my patriotism, and I must say I did feel a swell of unexplainable pride and an ego boost.

Nevertheless, after class I hung back to straighten a pile of magazines (I just can’t stand that sort of thing) and he asked me about my heritage, recalling I’m partially Burmese (my father’s side). His Dad is from Singapore, "Hence the reason you go there to buy cheap aerosol cans," "Aheh heh, yep," and he wanted to know why I loved it so much, having only been there once. "Ah, that’s a rather akward question." You try telling your teacher your girlfriend lives a few hundred kilometers away. "Ah, right, obviously someone you care a great deal for is over there." I was surprised by the precision of his response, but smiled and laughed, agreeing.


On the plus side, I’m returning to Singapore shortly. It’s been occupying a lot of my thoughts lately. On November 26th, the day after school finishes, it’s off to the land of milk and honey for a little over two months. Two months! Sure craps all over the 5 days Ivy spent here, doesn’t it? Ooooooooooooooooomigosh can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Tales of Singapore

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Reee my cousins are back from Germany!!! Hehe so happy! :) Haha anyway, you’re partially Burmese? Lol meee too…Even though I don’t really look it ay? Hahaha Mark told me before that there must have been a mistake and something happened to me because I don’t look like everyone else in my family! Hehe yeash, how sad really, byas! :)

  2. Solomon says:

    The above statement: "Singapore never fell. It was always in glory. " is pretty nice. Thank you. Unfortunately, I am forced to disillusion you on that point. Singapore never fell, because it was never in glory. In fact.According to the theories, singapore’s glory began in three phases. The first being the arrival of the British, which frankly, Singapore didn’t exist as nation then.The second was the period immediately AFTER the Jap Invasion. This was usher’d in by LKY the Great. This initiated the creation of Singapore as a nation building thing, but was in fact a mere preparatory phase.The third began on February 23, 1989. This was the date of Solomon theRisen’s first incarnation into the mortal sphere. The world trembles.

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