1. Pat. says:

    Well well well. It looks like you finally sort out your own problem there John. I congradulate you, well done. Happy reading. Of course, once again, you have misunderstood the concept that I am always one step ahead. So rather than using crude words or unhealthy language, I’ll just bore you with the major plot details so you won’t have to read through it all. Enjoy!1. Saphira can ‘Mind’ talk2. Brom is a dragon rider and teaches Eragon magic, and they journey across Alglaesia.3. Brom dies after an ambush with the Ra’zac.4. Eragon learns his skill with the legendary sword, Zaroc, once an evil blade.5. Eragon later teams up with Murtagh, son of the one of the forsworn, and rides to the land of the Varden.6. Eragon and Murtagh help rescue the elf with courier Ayra.7. In the home of the Varden, Tronjiheim, Eragon meets dwarves and the Varden leader, Ajilihad.8. A giant battle occurs in Tronjiheim with Varden against Kull (elite urgal)9. Eragon kills the shade by stabbing him right through the heart.10. Saphira learms to breathe fire at the end.11. The Varden leader is later killed.

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