21 years later…

"A man drones at the front of the room. He speaks a language I cannot understand, nor will I need in my life once I leave this place. He speaks foreign words in an anlien tongue; enforcing, not encouraging.
"Study this!" he says, and we write it down in our notes.
Surely I am not alone in this struggle. Twelve-hundred of us reside here, and yet I cannot be the only one to realise this trapped existence which has no real purpose in the entirety of my life. If I were to live my dreams and the life I desire, I will never find occassion to draw upon the 6 hours a day, these forced 35 hours a week I am doomed to.
It’s totalitarianism. Rebel against the system, and you are punished, supressed, and silenced."
Something I wrote during a Chemistry lesson. An important one apparently. I was having a very bad day, and ended up muttering to myself about the school being a system that allows freedom of thought, but does not allow expression of that. You know, typical evil murmurs under the breath, hating school, realising it’s pointless really etc etc. for an hour or too. *sigh* It was a very bad day for me. Just thought I’d put it in my blog.

2 thoughts on “21 years later…

  1. Pat. says:

    Whoa. You okay man? You sound like your day was rough. However, to make light of the situation, turn what you just wrote into the start of the novel! lol.Cheers outps. Hope Eragon’s going good for ya’ (no I’m serious)

  2. Ivy says:

    In accordance to my previous claim, we shall rule the world with stupidity! That’s all humankind needs! MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!!!I love you John, sorry you had a bad day, but you know I’ll make it alllll better for you, *hugs*

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