Another one of those wonder quizzes

*-:*~ P e r s o n a l ~-*

1) Single or Taken? Taken baby.

2) Sex? I’m workin’ on it, believe me.

3) Birthday? 5th of November.

4) Star Sign? The Power of the Scorpion resides in me!

 5) Shoe size? If you think I’m going to trump all the way to my room to check, you are mistaken, sah!

6) Height: 167-ish.

7) Initials? JSM – Jewel of the Sapphire Mermaids! (wtf mate?)

8) Parents names? Charles (Charlie) and Mai Mai.


* R e l a t i o n s h i p s~*

1) Who are your best friends? Ah, it’s hard to say now since I’ve dropped out of contact with a lot of them. I’d guess Lee, Shibi, Marc, Dian and Jack.

2) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Boom yeah. Her name’s Ivy Wong, and DAMN is she hot!

3) Did you send this to your crush?: Nah.

4) Did your crush send this to you? Not quite.


*;-*F a s h i o n S t u f f *-;-*

1) Where is your favourite place to shop? Possibly Harvey Norman, or Officeworks. I’m a computer geek who’s fallen in love with stationery. How very tragic.

2) Any tattoos or piercing? Actually, I wouldn’t mind. A tattoo of yin and yang on my shoulderblade, or a silver earring would be pretty nifty in my opinion.


*-;-* T h e E x t r a S t u f f *-;-*

1) Do you do drugs? "A drug is a substance, (with the exception of food and water) when taken will alter the body physically and or psychologically." says Bobby (Mr Emannuel). In that case, I reckon so!

2) What kind of shampoo do you use: head and shoulders? Dove!

4) What is your biggest fear: At first I thought acromantulas (giant spiders), then I thought a doll coming to life, but then I remember that if I lost Ivy for what ever reason, I’d probably eat that spider and burn that doll.

5) What car do you wish you had: I never thought (ever) that I would care what type of car I had, but now that I think about it, a sports car would be pretty cool! Albeit, tryhard, but cool nonetheless!

6) Who is the last person that called you? So many months ago, my gosh, let me wonder… Hm, Mum. She wanted me to give Eugene money because he left his wallet at home.

7) Where do you want to get married: I’m not too picky, though Ivy and I have settled on a castle in the sky somewhere.

8) How many messenger buddies do you have right now? 119. I did have more, but I cleaned them out a couple of months back.

9) If you could change anything about yourself, you would change… my apparent lack of a forked tail, blue skin, yellow eyes and the ability to teleport. Otherwise, I’d just like to be able to turn into a vampire at night so I can fly to Singapore and bite Ivy, and we could rule the world until we are hunted down by raw steaks and plus signs.


*-;-* Favorites *-;-* 

1) Colour: Silver.

2) Food: Hm… Possibly Mee Goreng.

3) Drink (soft): Multicoloured fanta, preferrably purple!

3.5) Drink (Alky): Believe it or not, it’s no longer Ice Lemon Tea, but Ribena! 

4) Boys name: Link of the Hylians!

5) Girls name: Ivy. Isn’t it beautiful?

6) Subjects in school: I would normally say English, but of late I’ve fallen quite far behind. I now opt for Religion.

7) Animal(s): Oo, haven’t been asked this in a while. Of all the animals, I respect the tiger and eagle the most.

8) Game(s): Maple Story, Tactics Core, and Solitaire. Yes, Solitaire.

9) Songs: Of them include Love Grows, Isn’t it Beautiful, Sephiroth’s Theme, Innocent Eyes, Whenever Wherever and a bunch of others.

10) Singer: Ivy! To be unbiased, however, I’d have to say Delta Goodrem.


-;-* H a v e Y o u E v e r *-;-*

1) Given anyone a bath? It’s only a matter of time!

2) Smoked? When I was 5. I was in Malaysia at the time, amazed by the ability of my uncle’s friend to exhale the smoke through his nostrils. He gave me a try, and not knowing how to smoke, I daresay I failed miserably.

3)Bungee jumped? Yes actually. I recall Eugene tying a rope around my waist and pushing me off the playground as a test dummy.

4) Broken the law? Haven’t we all?

5) Made yourself throw-up? Not intentionally, no.

6) Gone skinny-dipping? What on earth is that?

7) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: When I was much younger, yes. "Mum-myyy, I don’t want to go to my piano lesson! Mum-myy! MUMMYYYYYYYY!" "Okay okay!!"


* F i r s t T h i n g T h a t C o m e s T o M in d *

1) Red: Crimson rose.

2) Cow: Spots.

3) Socks: Half a pair.

4) Rice: Dinner.


*~Final Questions~*

1) Do you like filling these out: Absolutely. I can’t resist!

2) How many people are you sending this to? Whoever reads it I suppose.

3) What is the last film you saw at the cinema? Maaaaaaaaaaaaadagascar!

4) What is the last film you rented out? Evangelion, Castle of Cagliostro, and Laputa Castle in the Sky.

5) Favourite cartoon characters? I opt for future Trunks from DBZ, Ray from Beyblades, Daggit from Angry Beavers and er, a bunch of miscellaneous ninjas, warriors, and otherwise magic peeps.

6) What did you have for breakfast in the morning? Peanut butter toast and malt milo.

7) Who would you hate being locked in a room with? There are so many choices, gosh. I thought of Josh house at first, but then I thought "Hell, I’d love to bash the **** out of that little bastard." I’d have to say David Graham.

8) Whats your favourite day of the week? Saturday- no school tomorrow!

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