A sickly reality

Mental note: Walk next year. It really isn’t worth so many hours of pain and aching legs. I don’t mind spending an extra 20 minutes in the rain, though this cough and sore throat (terrible combination) are murder. On the plus side, there is the minute possibility I’ll be too sick to go to school tomorrow. Lots of homework due, you see.


Also, remember that clay ocarina we bought for $90? Ever wondered why I didn’t master that? Because within 5 minutes of it reaching our house, Eugene left it on the table and Mum knocked it off. The mouthpiece broke. So did my dreams of sitting under a tree somewhere in the fields, playing a sweet melody that resonated across the plains, and children and adults alike would stop their work and look for the sound of the music. I could see the sun shining and the birds singing and the clear blue skies… Ah well, maybe I can live this dream with my new ocarinas, albeit they are rather soft…


Eh. I hate being sick. It’s tempting to go off and play a game, but NO! Nooooooo, now is the time to work. Focus John, focus… Oh no… Oh no! No no no! My homework has incarnated itself into the form of Mr Watson! BACK DEMON, BACK! *throws pencils at it and runs*


2 thoughts on “A sickly reality

  1. Ivy says:

    Now you know! I told you it’s the most horrible, horrible combination of all pathogens! Poor darling, *muacks muacks*

  2. Pat. says:

    Oh my God……that’s exactly what happened to me! Except my throat is so bad, I can’t even actually speak at the moment at all (although that did make for some amusing antics between some mercedes girls and a guy they thought could only speak sign language…….he he he..).Anyway, I feel terrible right now. I should go back to bed.Cheers out!p.s. I finished Eragon, it’s a great book (VERY lord-of-the-rings-ish), I’ll lend it to you if you want to read it.

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