Running with Zelda

Arr. I just came back from the funrun. Man, that was… well the first word that came to mind was a naughty one, but on reflection, it wasn’t so bad. Almost enjoyable. 10km jog, and like last year (though not as heavily), it was raining. One hour, six minutes. I’m still arguing with myself whether I did better this year. I got like, 1:03 or 1:10, or 1:16 or something. I don’t know. I guess I beat myself, so whoo, yeah. I’m hoping for under an hour.
I didn’t see Jess Cherrie there either! I’m like frigging never going to get those rocks she promised me! On the plus side, however, I did have the Performing Arts Festival (PAF) yesterday. Piano entry and whatnot. Faith Maydwell, adjudicator, is a bitch. She gave me crappy marks like she did last year. I don’t think anyone did well. I had to miss out my two fav subjects- Fitness and health (sports) and SOSE IT (computers). There is, however, one very big positive.
While I was at Zenith, the music store where the contest was being held, I asked if they had any ocarinas. A few years ago, we bought a clay one, they had to order it from overseas and everything, so it was $90. This time when I went, they had one made of porcelain, a peculiar instrument, and one of plastic, which looks more like the Zelda one. Of course, being the sucker I am, I bought them both. I shall master them, just you wait. As soon as I figure out how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb…

2 thoughts on “Running with Zelda

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Hahaha i ran the whole way even thought i wasn’t a registered runner and i was supposed to walk. Lol i did pretty good though. Hey! Yeah, i didn’t even see you there. Lol i saw like everyone i know except for you and Lex…Hmms sorry! Anyways obviously you got home before 2:12…Lol i only left Trinity at after 4:30!!! Haha how sad really and guess what! Lol Patty Poo gave me my crystal thingy that you made for me today when i saw him at the funrun! :) Hehe talk to you later, so byas!

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Hey, well I’m not going to be on msn until Friday. Lol yes, yes I know, you’re going to miss me and so is everyone else, especially Peeete. Hehe, but more importantly we’re moving in to our new house tomorrow! YAY!!! :) Hehe hope you had a good day yesterday at the funrun and hopefully you have a good weekend. By the way, thanx for the crystal thingy you made meee…Haha it’s UBER kewl and all thanx to Patty Poo that I finally have it! Anyway, byas! :)~ εîз JeSSyPoO εîз

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