The Dreamer

Last night was the most wonderful experience since July. I dreamed that Ivy had come back to Australia, and in my mind, I knew it must be true. I knew that my angel had come home to me, and that nothing would stop me from cherishing our time. Believe me when I say it was heart wrenching to wake up.

It was so real… It almost hurts to admit it was a dream.

Ivy had come back to Australia for a few brief days. We had been missing each other ever so dearly, you see. She had wanted to surprise me, just oppearing at my doorway one Thursday evening. Imagine my joy! I don’t think you can. Knowing how many hours I held my pillow, residing in the warmth I gave it. Remembering how perfectly it fit in my arms, no matter how I lay- just like Ivy. Night after night of praying to be together, here she was, with her perfect smile, waiting to be let in. I must have laughed in my sleep.

Her family returned to their hotel to give us time together. Otherwise, they went out for dinner, or left for some reason or another. It was irrelevant. Nothing was more relevant than the fact Ivy had returned, and so it was we found ourselves locked safely in my room. We kissed, so longingly we had begun to make things… intimate *smiles*

Dad wanted to go driving around the neighbourhood, and so Ivy, Eugene and I tagged a long. Of course, Eugene got bored and left, leaving Ivy and I in the back seat. With re-assurances from Dad that he would not look (and for some reason, I didn’t mind entirely- just to be with Ivy), we had resumed our kissing with a fierce passion. Nevertheless, all good things come to an end, no?

Dad picked up Eugene, and we made our way to the movies. Ivy’s family had agreed to meet us there. The two of us browsed to see if there was anything worth watching, but alas, there was not.
"Don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow," I nodded. She shook her head.
"Tomorrow’s Friday honey, you have to go to school."
She was right, of course, and so I confronted my brother about what to do next.
The Wong’s seemed eager to get home, and so whilst I argued with Eugene (who desperately wanted to stay), they slipped out with Ivy. Upon realising this, I ran out into the carpark, calling after them,
"Hey Ivy! Wait!" They did so, and when I caught up, out of breath, I grinned and said, "You forgot something."
She tilted her head, waiting expectantly.
I leaned forward and kissed her cheek, raising my hand to caress it gently before meeting her lips once again.
"Good night Ivy," I smiled, and she blushed, shying away.
"Good night John," she returned, pecking my cheek and going home with her family.

And that was my dream. On reflection, a very passive one that seemed to follow logic closely enough for me to believe, and now mourn it. They seem a cruel thing, dreams… Nightmares, trapping you in your own personal hell, or as I more often chanced (thinking optimistically), blessing you with everything you could ever want in life, only to tear it from you upon consciousness. I don’t know what to think of them now.


Current mood: Content, but at peace.

Currently listening to: Celtique Médiéval


2 thoughts on “The Dreamer

  1. Ivy says:

    Whee baby that is so so nice. I love you so much! I wish I had a nice dream. If only I can dream of you everyday maybe it won’t hurt so much. Of course we have to reenact the passionate scene you’ve dreamt of, details only *I* know… *grins* Well at least the dream is not impossible. Waaah I wanna come back to Australia. Today’s Singapore’s National Day though, whooo National Day! SINGAPORE!! I have to go for dinner now though. Shi Hui asked me to thte National Day Parade! I’ll talk to you later dear mmmuacks! *kissy*

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Ahh yes, dreams are always great until they’re over and you actually realise that it all was a dream and nothing more. Anyways, i had a dream that Pete and i went to the concert and we were like right at the front and i was so happy, but then i woke up and realised i didn’t even have tickets so i went after school to buy them and my dream didn’t come true…We didn’t have a choice of good seats and they were all pretty crap, but i think i should be grateful that there were even tickets left and that we are going…Hmm yeash im happy nows!!! Lol :)

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