Dreaming of mints.

Though this was a few nights ago, I wrote down what I could to remember the fragments of one of the most beautiful, romantic and otherwise pleasant dreams of my life. Of course, I dreamed about Ivy.
We were staying at my house, somewhere in outback Australia. Curtains shut, enclosing the house in a calm darkness, shielding us from the harsh desert sun. Ricketty fans pivoted mechanically, glasses and jugs of crystalline water seemed to shimmer dully. Comfy sofas sat, waiting in front of an old television that would probably never be brought out of retirement. There was a jacuzzi somewhere in the house, and a pool outside. For a while, Ivy and I were content with cuddling on the couch, whispering things to one another with mysterious smiles. Somehow, we ended up slipping into the pool- with our bathers on, that is. Ooooooo Ivy was wearing a bikini, she looked so hot! Anyhoo, there we were, enjoying the freedom of the water when Lee and an army of strangers showed up. They were somehow my friends though, and it got bizarre from there. I conclude that the dream was a mix of memories involving Lee, her story of the cattle ranch her family stays on, Donkey Kong, Ivy, a commercial about swimming pools and spas, my old house in the summer days, a Goosebump book, the pinnacles etc. etc.
I also wrote on the paper, "Weeeeeeeeeeee! So incredulously happy! I feel like Dad- "Dad’s home!" WOOT! Go teh John meister! Boom yeah baby." This was during a maths competition by the way, but I had finished early, giving up and randomly writing down numbers and circling different answers. It was as if the joy was so… well, it seemed to long to burst from me, and so I giggled for the second half of the test, almost non-stop. Nobody payed attention thankfully, but I just grinned and stared at Mr Presser, the Maths teacher who was supervising. He caught my eye, then looked quickly away, and I just continued to chuckle. Interesting way to spend an exam, no? Well hey, that’s what happens when you have too many minties. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of mints.

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Reee guess what! Hehe Patty Poo now has my crystal thingy that you made me, so obviously i’ll be getting it sometime soon and i’m rather surprised that it hasn’t been broken/lost/thrown away considering Laurence had it for like half a year and he can’t really be trusted or relyed on to look after stuff…Hehe well, byas! :)

  2. Ivy says:

    We should share more romantic dreams and preferably leave armies out of it.

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