Catching up

Woo, 4 days without an entry. Time for a catchup session methinks.
 I heard my alarm ringing, so I threw an arm around to press "Sleep", disabling it for 10 more minutes. After doing this three times, my second alarm clock (on my desk) forced me out of bed. I then attempted to wash my face and get a drink, but returning to my room to get changed, I crawled back in bed and cuddled my pillow to sleep again. Then my alarm went off, and it was 6:30- time for school. I was confused for some time, but I think I just dreamed about waking up.
I’m also still very upset about not being privelidged enough to go on the India Pilgrimage. It’s my dream for goodness sake, what I really want to accomplish in life. I don’t want to become a doctor or pass school, I just want to make sure that other people have the right at least to live, and it’s places like India that I can do that, I can actually make a difference. If only brother Rob knew how determined I was to go, but alas, I won’t press. 35 ruppees = $1 Australian. You can buy 35 meals for just $1, and you really have to wonder why people are selfish enough to spend 21 million dollars on a dog house, etc.
We’ve got the funrun coming up. Though I want to try, and risk my heart exploding, it’s healthy. I always like pushing my limits physically, it’s a good excuse. Unfortuantely, Eddie Rice Outridge (the Christian service part of the school that help out with all the activities), the group I’m part of, may be organising the Funrun aka Frog Jog this year, so I’ll miss out. Regardless, I’m raising as much money as I can meanwhile, getting a tonne of sponsors whatnot. Anyhoo, it’s all for India, so Amen to that.
Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about humanity, and to summarise, I’ll leave you this statement to think about:
We are the only species capable of hating ourselves.
To cut it short, I figured that it was because we evolved from primates in different areas. It was when humanity first encountered the same species, though looking slightly different and speaking different languages, prejudice and hatred arose. Some cultures got along all right as they mingled, some didn’t. Though we’re all the same species, the reason we’re not entirely alike is because of our differences in genes, how we’re raised slightly different from each other to be individuals and have a sense of identity amongst each person and within each family/community. And so it was, some of them became powerful, some of them became happy. Nevertheless, I’ve gone on quite enough for now. Guess I’d better start mugging (Singlish for doing all homework at the last minute- not stealing someone’s wallet) now. English test tomorrow. Ciaoies.

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Ivy says:

    Bebe can go next time, next time bebe come with you- *huggles*We are all bad bad people but I’m too lazy to think about humanity. You’ll become like Derrick! Lol you two are so cute. I love you John, gtg.

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