Evangelion- the meaning of Death.

I officially vote that "Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth" is the most disturbing movie I have ever known to exist.
Happy Tree Friends was okay- it was the mindless and disgusting slaughter of innocent and adorable creatures. Mindlessness I can handle.
The Animatrix was depressing, because in every segment, someone died or was forgotten, or the ending was basically "You are all doomed."
Evangelion… Oh, this isn’t mindless, oh no. It delves into the human psyche and challenges what it means to be human, to live, to be happy. It creates characters that are barely any of the aforementioned three. Neglect, hatred, selfishness… Introverted people, and others who know nothing more than to exist and obey. It is disturbing to think of just how weak humanity really is, and what’s truly important in life.
Sexuality, a big thing for most teenagers. All want to get laid, all think seeing someone naked is hot. Well in the grand scheme of things, no, it’s not. It’s reproduction. One, two hours of pleasure is not worth the misery that may follow for prioritising it over "what is truly important".
But what is? Love, as anyone would say. But would they? What if they had never known love, or simply turned away from it? Love is no reason to live.
But then, what is the meaning of life? God, I’ll be thinking about this for years, I can tell…

4 thoughts on “Evangelion- the meaning of Death.

  1. Ivy says:

    But are we still going to have sex? Make babies? Babiesssssss.You’re my reason to live. *huggles*

  2. Pat. says:

    Well, John old boy, you will find webster’s dictionary defines "Love" as "the-………hey, wait a minute! You said you never watch television! how do you know about happy tree friends?!………What?! Oh yes, that’s right. I was meant to reply. I guess I got sidetracked. Well, then, about this conundrum….Well, people do say that the power of love strengthens with age, so I guess most teens don’t stand a chance, do they? lol.Hmm… can’t really add much more to that, cept i would like to add that those Neon genisis movies ARE weird (disturbing indeed!)Cheers out!

  3. Derrick says:

    If you’re a psychology virgin, watching Evangelion is like having your mind raped.Yes, I watched the series when I was 10, and just look what happenned.It’s rare to see someone who finds meaning in the movie- and I mean it as a good thing. Most people just go "WTF?!" and try to forget they ever thought about watching it in the first place.To exist and to obey… at least they found some meaning in their life- to further the ends of an organisation, such that they may be remembered for as long as the organisation survives, no matter how obscure.What is to be human, to live, to be happy?To be human- to succumb to the Beast, or accept the shackles of Society?To live- merely to exist, or to prosper?To be happy- simple satisfaction of instincts, or pursuit of a higher, obscured goal?What is the meaning of Life? Immortality or bust! To reach an Existence that cannot be challenged, or die trying.

  4. Jesslahhh says:

    reeee i had sumthin intelligent 2 say yesterday, but i didnt bother leavin a comment and now as u can see…lol im a little crazzzy so i wont bother sayin nethin of importance!!!! reeeeee byas! :)

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