Just stuff.

Well… knowing Brother Rob, I shouldn’t be surprised. History repeats itself, as the saying goes.
I missed out on reading for a mass one time because I couldn’t find him. By the time I discovered he was in the Campus Ministry after going on a wild goose chase, he had chosen everyone and I was excluded.
This time, when I asked about the India Pilgrimage, it was to my knowledge that I was a month past the RSVP date. I can’t go. Despite the fact that I’m disappointed, it means that I can go on the chorale tour instead next year. Stephen Dale is going to join, so that should make things more bearable. I should stop being a dick to him, because he’s a good guy, and I’d be his friend if I had the chance. Nevertheless, I’ll just have to go to India some time in my life. It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, I’m going.
In other news, I took a hockeyball to the chest yesterday. Heart-side, too, and to those of you who don’t know, I have a mild heart disorder. I’m currently surviving, haven’t simultaneously combusted or anything. However, I have been, once again, left with a rather crude, target-shaped bruise. It also cracked my wrist, which I partially raised in defence. Why is it always me who gets hit by the hockeyballs? Pete wasn’t too helpful either, pointing out I finally had a breast because I was using my shirt to hold the ice in place. Pfft, don’t diss my manboobs :P
Guess that’s it from me. For once, I’m up before 7. Hooray to an early start, and Amen to Fridays. I’m hungry. =( Well, fill an empty stomach, empty and upset mind, in the words of Darunia.

3 thoughts on “Just stuff.

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    Reeee the weekend! :) Lol thats not even relevant to wat you mention in ur blog, but yeah…Byas! :):):)

  2. Pat. says:

    Heeeeeeeeeelloo!As, you may have noticed, I too joined the chorale too. And another, stop staring at me during it! It’s very annoyed when you’re trying to sing at the same time.I also saw you get hit by the hockey ball. Ouch! I can relate. Remember when i got hit twice during the one match, and went off, twice? Yeah. lol.Cheers out!

  3. Ivy says:

    Meee! Baby doesn’t have manboobs, I’m the one with boobs. Boobs are sexy. Not manboobs though. Whee boobies! *huggles*You’re sexy.Love, Ivy

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