Incy Wincy

Remember that spider whom tried to catch the fly? The one that got away? Well guess what. He caught another one. And this one he kept.
At least, I think it was a fly. A small bundle of silk, bound tightly. The spider was holding it up to its pincers, taking small jabs at it, to poison or feed, I know not, but it’s just one of those miracles of nature to me. Despite my terror of the species, they’re intriguing and majestic in their own glorious way. Their tactics are flawless and genius- invisible webs to snare unwary insects and then to paralyse and feast.
Mm… I can’t help but admire something I fear. When you really think about it, why are people scared? Why? Seriously, comment and give me your opinion.

4 thoughts on “Incy Wincy

  1. Fuzwold says:

    Hey kool space you have here. I was a bit into the Zelda stuff too (Ganondorf was such a fun boss to fight). And you seem fairly intelligent (unlike some of the other people I’ve met on spaces). But anyways just thought I’d leave a comment, adios.

  2. Pat. says:

    People "fear" fear itself, John. People always relate their fears to injury (painful) or death. Oh yeah, and bad experiences they had previously had with their fears. Anyway my fear is…….what was it again? Oh yes violent cartoons involving characters made of plastcine (Yes, like Wallace and Gromit, John!- I know you just love them). Anyway, Cheers out.

  3. Jesslahhh says:

    Do you know what i’m scared of? OMG i can’t remember…Hmm oh yeah, GHOSTS! Lol remember? Anyways i am scared of ghosts and NOT the dark like Mark likes to believe…Lol anyways yeah, be careful of ghosts!!! Byas! :)

  4. goh says:

    hey. thought it’ll be fun to drop a comment here =) cool post…im really scared of ghosts,like those which/whom u cant see but whose presence can be distinctly felt yea they’re really scary :S -shivers- but i dun think i’ll ever respect or look up to them haha. unless something weird happens or unless some kind ghost rescues me xD the best thing is not to imagine things =p

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