Dreams and Ideas

Good morning.
Well, I just thought I’d write these two ideas down. I realised them this morning, as I often do, in the shower. Eh, I don’t know, it’s just a time for thinking. Water’s peaceful, it’s soothing, it’s the "element of life" and all that, but for me, a hot shower’s clean, and free time. Waste of water too, but it’s when I role play and sort through ideas.
Anyhoo! The first thing I realised is that, nothing is true until you believe it is. Pretty neat huh?
The second thing is, that you don’t need to be someone else to be loved. Real love looks past all the outside appearances, all the barriers, all the masks, and sees you for who you truly are. Playing it cool, or trying to be sexy has absolutely no impact on love itself, because, as the saying goes, love is blind. In a literal sense, blind people can find love without seeing who they’re in love with. Just be yourself the next time you’re trying to pick up someone.
I also had a sweet-ish dream, that’s rather obscure, admittedly.
The announcement was late by at least two hours, but it didn’t matter; so was I. Ivy was nowhere to be seen, and so we sat there and watched them hand out prizes, but still she did not come. Presumably, she had gone home. Our plans to celebrate Hau’s birthday seemed pretty much over, and I was terribly exhausted at 2:00AM anyway. Because of the belated award-giving, there was no time for the amusement park of movie, so she had probably gone to bed.
We got in the car and drove for a little while in the quiet dusk until we reached a worn down challet. My family waited inside while I got out and made my way across the damp grass and sticks. There was no one in the reception, so I opened the door forcefully, hoping not to wake its inhabitants. Making my way to the bedroom, there were three sleeping bags on the floor, an unoccupied bed and drawers, and a TV.
"How interesting…" I thought, but made my way past Hau and Jun, and Madam Wong (whom I was extra careful of- sneaking into their room in the early hours of the morning would not be a credit to my name).
I stood over Ivy with a smile on my face, brushing her hair fondly and looking around. It would not do to stay the night with them, I suppose it was just a visit. I turned my head to see the bedisde table, and inside it was a large collection of art materials. I lifted out a sketch pad and tucked it under my jacket for no apparent reason, but I just knew that it wouldn’t matter. I was later tempted to sketch some sign of myself in there, but it was too late, for I heard Auntie Joe rouse and get up to check on her beloved children.
I dove under the bed with barely seconds to spare, closing the drawers I had opened and trying to steady my breathing. She bent down low, inspecting her daughter’s sleeping bag then after a moment of anxious waiting, she seemed satisfied, and turned on the TV.
"Surely she won’t go back to her sleeping bag to watch!" I thought nervously, but she didn’t, instead climbing on to the bed.
I’m not entirely sure how I got out of that one, but basically it was really sweet while it lasted. I sat by Ivy’s side, watching her breathe peacefully for a while.
The next day, she was packing to leave, for it was already Monday. I smiled to myself, dialing her number.
"Hey baby, you missing something?"
"I knew it!"
When I woke up, I thought "Heh heh, poor Ivy, I’d better call her." And then I remembered it was just a dream. My heart fell a little, but I was glad to have dreamt it in the first place.
*sigh* Dreams are dreams. They’re meaningless, but at times, sweet. Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. Oh wait lol, just while I remember (and on an entirely different chain of thought), Mark Mckenna asked me if I *grabs air and thrusts hips towards it* with Ivy. I laughed and said nope, I didn’t. But of course, Marc Luca who was sitting next to him, said, "But you wanted to John, didn’t you? Ahhhhhh I see it!" What could I have said? "Admittedly, yes, I did." Laughing, he answered "The curse of being a man." Lol ohh I love Marc, he’s great.
I should get out there and do something with the remaining 5 days of my holiday. Sooner or later I’ll get back into writing. Just you wait…

One thought on “Dreams and Ideas

  1. Pat. says:

    Mmm..yes, I’ll admit, dreams are quite good. I myself, for some unknown reason, seem to be having dreams that are more intense, and detailed, so I keep thinking that they are quite real. For example, just last night I was dreaming about some cheesmakers trying to hunt me down, and by the end i was at school, with a revolver in each hand, prepared to take down some nazis concealed in the library during the era of Vietnam (although that may have something to do with consistency of playing the "Battlefield" series, and in some relation to some gross diet cheese I had eaten by mistake).Funny thing though, is that the less you think about a certain concept, the more likely it is that you will dream about it. This is got to do with your brains’ control to establish these thoughts within order to make sense to its functioning properly (In the same way a computer sorts through emails and such), although in some cases it make do the complete opposite (i.e. the more you think…). Anyway, Johnny boy, keep up that dreaming of yours (think more random thoughts; it’ll help make your dreams more interesting……….I’m serious, it does! lol). Cheers out!

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