Aloha! I just thought this place could use another entry.
I’m sure most people who have blogs have already established the fact that it’s the holidays, and shall be writing about all they plan to do, but I never really liked following everyone else, so I’m not about to. It’s logical, but everyone does it almost mindlessly, so nosir, not me!
Mm! Let’s see now. Heh heh, I’ve started a new game in Starfox Adventures, so now I have RS and Nintendo to alternate between. Then again, I should get back into Zelda, but there is no goddess-damn skulltala. If it’s there, I’ll ****ing eat it alive and then swallow a bomb to make sure it’s dead. Little ass. I’ve seriously searched almost every inch of LonLon Ranch, and it’s not there. I’ve even shot arrows across the mill wall and searched the place with the Lens of Truth, but it’s not invisible either! ****ing Golden Skulltala. Anyhoo, I’m getting closer to reaching 2000 points in the Gerudo Horse Archery. That’s 100 points per arrow, which means straight bullseyes while you’re riding on a galloping horse, and my record remains at 1910 (one second zone shot and one third zone shot).
*sigh* I’m rambling now. Mm, Ivy is my angel. For those of you who haven’t read her blog, it’s really worthwhile in my opinion, though then again, almost all the entries are based on me, so I could be incredibly biased. Heh heh, awww she’s an angel, and I wuv her vewy vewy much! Muacks. *smooch*
Aaaaaanyhootles (love that word, kudos to Raph for giving it to me two years ago), me be off now to R0’/,0r5 // ‘/ 80’/,3R5. (roxors my boxers). Heh heh. Ohhhhhh I hate 1337.

3 thoughts on “Buu~

  1. Pat. says:

    Just when you thought John here couldn’t get any random………..

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Yes i agree… :)

  3. Pete says:

    Buu is that pink plastacine character from Dragon Ball Z. I thought you hated plastacine characters o_O. Oh yeh, he turns people into edible…stuff and eats them and grows powerful and goes "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTZ!!!!"…well not really but he just owns all the other fighters. Starfox owns but F-Zero is way better. So much more fun…fun fun fun fun fun fun…fun. Monsieur Pete – Disregard all blogs…you’re mine now…

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