Tabletops and Guitar Gigs

Meep! Apologies to my baby for not uploading the pictures, I forgot to, hee~
Quick note beforehand; I didn’t give Tim Cluett and James Redman enough credit. They’re fantastic guitarists, James especially, and their dexterity and skill amazes me. They played a duet from Pink Floyd they made themselves, and it was absolutely amazing. Kudos to them! I wish they were better acknowledged for there talent. Anyway!
Here they are. I’m sure you can guess what it says. And, as with all of my creations, it has a Zelda picture painted on it. A useless, insignificant symbol from somewhere in the game only a lowlife like me would pick up, but nevertheless, it’s the ruby surrounded by gold.
I only had the last 10 minutes of the lesson to paint it, so I had three designs.
Design 1. Quick, a little effective, but not really presentable.
Design 2. Fabulous if done correctly, beautiful overall look.
Design 3. The midway- not too fancy, but nice.
Guess which one I chose. Correct! Design 4- Design 1 mixed with design 2 and 3. Click the pictures below. Unfortunately, due to my lack of time, it came out terribly. Eugene saw it and almost fainted, so he re-did it as best he can. I have a cute video clip of him at work. Nevermind, behold my table.

3 thoughts on “Tabletops and Guitar Gigs

  1. Ivy says:

    Lol baby!! Awww that’s so sweet. I love the skill the table top was made with, excellent. The painting on the other hand, I would not comment. But aww you’re so sweet baby. Little plain though, the table, I would retouch it for you if I get around to Australia again. I can draw teddies! With cookies!! Whee I love painting. Nice touch up work by Eugene too. Wheeeeeeeee I love you!! <3<3

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    John! Hehe kewl uber kewl table :):):) Lols and guess wat!?!?! ur on HOLIDAYS!!! Hehe YAY! Enjoy the rest of ur day anyways! Buh baiz :)

  3. Pat. says:

    Ahem. AHEM!.John, your’ve forgotten to mention another fantastic guitarist (though you havnt heard him just yet….). (wink-wink, nudge nudge).

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