Ramblings of a restless mind.

I realised today just how corrupt the Year 8’s are. I watched them, the youngest, supposedly most innocent in the school, try to bash each other up in the most absurd manner. One of them was being held still while another guy joked around bashing him up. I heard Year 8’s bragging about the guy that crippled in a fight on the oval. I’ve seen them basically become little assholes because of the influence of us, the Year 10’s, guiding the Year 9’s, who have now set the beam for Year 8’s. I guess it links back to us inevitably, but you could reference the school community to society too. They don’t know any better than to be corrupted, and I suppose the Year 10’s are corrupt in their own way. Violence and teasing is not something to boast about, and yet my class seems to encourage it a little. I really hope some of the idiots in my class reach a level of maturity they can be proud of soon. I know some of them have, but don’t show it yet. I guess in a way I’m one of them, but I’m pretty horrible myself at times. Mm, so many negative influences in society…
I suppose it’s true what they say; you have to let go of everything you want in order to get it. I’ve been forced to rejoin RuneScape by my brother’s command, and he’s pretty darn pissed about it too. It’s because I released pictures of him in a duck blanket about half a year ago at 1am on Christmas morning when he was testing if the chocolate I gave him was poisoned. I posted that on the internet for his friends to see and it’s been circulating around, and now I’m his slave for a month. It’s so lovely being his brother, but I did get my vengeance for all the times I said I would get my vengeance but didn’t. Anyways, I’m back to RuneScape now for the time being, but I hate the game with a passion for all the sad memories it brought, but love it all the moreso for everything that I played it for. I just play it as the game it is, as I said to Zack, now. I’m not attached to it, it’s just a game. Still, I have to exercise that more thoroughly.
Just a quick, random note here, the class performances in music was today. I played Gymnopédie, the piece I was going to play for Ivy and at the Mercedes concert, but alas, she couldn’t come, so I improvised. "Good morning gentlemen, and of course, Ms Bott. The piece I would like to perform for you today is "Gymnopédie", by the French composer Eric Satie. I would also like to make a dedication, if I may, to my darling girlfriend Ivy Wong, who is not a 40-year-old Canadian, thankyouverymuch." "What was that last part?" asked Ms Bott. "Oh, nothing, shh!" I said putting a finger to my lips and beginning the piece. I played it beautifully by the way, but Ben Caddy’s the most amazing violinist I’ve heard from the adolescant part of the world. He really is gifted, not that I’m about to let him know that.
Anyhoo, I also finished my table. I made it over the course of 10 weeks, and I have come up with the result that there are two types of students who do Materials Technology; those who like working with their hands, and those that are too stupid to think. Unfortunately for me, the majority of my materials class is composed of the latter. They took up Mr McRae’s time for the whole term, not listening to instructions and disrupting the class. I could never really understand Mr McRae anyway, so I needed help a lot but lo and behold, he was helping everyone else who hadn’t bothered to listen. Nevermind, over an extensively long time (about three times longer than we needed), I completed my table. I painted it in the final lesson, just quickly running over it with a brush. I’ve taken a picture below. Next to it is Eugene’s "patch-up"- he’s a talented artist as well as musician.
Anyway, I’ve rambled on quite long enough, so I’ll leave you to whatever else it is you may or may not have to do.

One thought on “Ramblings of a restless mind.

  1. Ivy says:

    Awwww baby it’s so sweet of you to dedicate it to me in front of a teacher. I love you so much John, you’re so wonderful. I don’t know what I could have possibly done to be blessed with an angel to love me in return.Mm it’s late now, but I’m posting just a little piece before I go to sleep, just as a small thank you and gesture of appreciation for being so understanding. My proposal is done now, but I now pray for Dian to do her part and complete question 6 and 7.Ahhh school. I wish to say boys will be boys but that is not going to be helpful. There’s not much you can do as long as jerks in majority are dominating the world, youngsters are bound to follow. It takes a generation of like minded people to break the chain, but how easy does that come? Maybe once in a million years. It’s the same for RGS. As long as seniors keep wearing their belts wrong, juniors will be inclined to follow. I don’t! I’m independent. Yay! That’s a good thing. I love you John. <3By the way I can’t see any of your pictures, not even when I hacked into your account- just your photo album, not today’s picture though. I want to see your table~And if you get addicted to RS you’re going to have to give up more time with me. Prewarning I guess. Sigh. I don’t like homework. No one does. And your music performance was absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I know it, I was there, at the back row but oyu didn”t see me cause I was disguised as a wallaby to get into Australia. Then I went back to class as a merlion.Love you dear, will comment on your previous entry as soon as I feel active.Yours truly and forever,Ivy Wong<3

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