Where do souls come from?


Are souls really eternal? Like the Hindu belief, perhaps every creature has a soul, and the material world is just made of atoms. Building blocks, like lego, that create so many different shapes and creatures. But could it be possible that we have souls that never die?


The expanding human population would discredit this, but if all organisms do have souls, then would it be fair to say that if the rate at which such creatures die (an animal, insect or other living creature becomes extinct every 2 seconds) is equal to the rate at which others expand…


If the population balances, could it be true?


Do souls want to be free of these bodies? Are bodies just chains for the loving nature of an eternal spirit? The essence of a person is perfect. The person, is not. Christians believe this. When they die, they take on their perfect forms. Once more, religion is brought into the struggle.


Now… Does God create our souls or do they exist beforehand? Do they find some group of atoms and just decide to inhabit them? Does all life deserve the same respect as humankind? I don’t see why not. The only difference is, we have the ability to think, we can imagine, we can question. Things aren’t black and white for us, there are so many gray areas. So many things to develop, they’re not just “the way things are”… Or are they?


Human reason is one thing that will never change. Life, death, things like these… They are the way things are. Pain, too. These are the black and white areas. But imagine this, if you will.


We are all shadows of our souls. Of “ideas”, as the philosopher Plato believed. Our perfect souls result in our imperfect copies, we try to imitate true beauty, but we don’t know what that beauty looks like. We can only guess the mould of a gingerbread man from how the gingerbread men are shaped, but the mould itself is perfect.


We are the imperfect gingerbread men, the blurry shadows. Is it possible? What is the soul? Where did it come from, does it exist, where does it reside and what is its nature?


I’m really starting to wonder if its worth asking so many questions.

3 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Derrick says:

    quote: "I’m really starting to wonder if its worth asking so many questions."No, it isn’t. Unless it’s a question that actually has an answer, and you really want to know the answer, don’t waste the time thinking about such stuff. Use all that brainpower on something more useful.Leave this sort of thing to bald old philosophers.

  2. Ivy says:

    Now I shall attempt to answer the questions my darling boyfriend has posed! Of course I possess none of his genius but since he still loves me very very much or due to the fact I will pout and he will have to pamper me due to the chains of being the boyfriend of a girl on constant sugar rush (which is mainly because he bought me a packet of sweets) if he does not smile when he reads this. (John: oops! *smiles immediately*) i.e. I’m not clever but I’ll tell him what I think anyway.Hee baby I like it when you ask questions and start talking in a philosophical way and I won’t know what you’re talking about and will be like "hee I don’t know what you’re talking about but you’re so cute and I want Starburst". That’s my boyfriend as I know him, and me as I know me!! So don’t stop asking questions because it is good because I say so. I like it. And I am obliged to answer them! Or try! So you can rebutt meeeeee and lose or bribe me with candy.I believe in reincarnation! It goes in a cycleee and when our souls die they get reborn so you don’t have to worry about eternity because everything that has a beginning has an end and even the sun will burst one day, so there won’t be overpopulation in heaven if it’s a cycle. It’s just pratical! If you can’t cram too many people on Earth you can’t cram them in Heaven. It’ll be hell for them with long distance relationships like you and me. =(But soulmates! I believe in that. Because we are a soul in two bodies, we reunite during the time we are living on Earth. When we die, our soul seperates again so we are reborn with the purpose of finding our soulmate again and completely ourselves. That’s why babies are so cute.(irrelevance) It’s a practical way of the how souls work. =)Therefore! Souls exist beforehand and God won’t have to create more. The reason we are an expanding population is because people just die faster. Wait.. Okay maybe more souls were created now and then. I believe He is the one who creates souls. Our bodies are created by each other i.e. when a male and a female have sexual intercourse the male fertilises the embryo and the soul will inhabit it now because it is inhabitable and grow.If it’s not fertilised the soul cannot inhabit the embryo! Therefore we create the body.And it’s undeniable we deserve more respect for being able to imagine and think and question but it also means we should be able to know that it is wrong to treat something of lower status badly and we don’t show respect to them because we are able to think. But animals should show respect to us too so we get the respect but if they don’t well you’ll have to excuse them cause they can’t think.And I don’t understand what the next paragraph meant so I’ll just say I don’t want gingerbreadmen can you get me a lollipop darling? *schmiles and smoches you*And the nature of the soul is different, because each individual soul, is an individual. And it has yin and yang, therefore opposites attract. That, completes a soul. But the yin and yang itself is too complex to single in one word. There are just too many people in the world.I love you!!! <3 You are my soulmate darling, I know that without a doubt. Souls just know.

  3. Ivy says:

    By the way MY boyfriend is a one of a kind handsome, gorgeous and hot philosopher so there Derrick. Don’t be so stereotypical! Philosophers can be cool as long as they are gorgeous and have sexy hair and my boyfriend has just that and more.I love him that way. ^^ So does my soul, because his soul is its other half.YAY NO ONE IS TO ARGUE WITH ME CAUSE I’M THE PRINCESS AND I HAVE A SWORD MEANT TO POKE PEOPLE AND IS CAPABLE OF castrating.

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