Final Fairwell

Well, it is now Tuesday afternoon. Ivy is (hopefully) on a plane to Singapore, where I can only imagine what she will be feeling. Gosh I’m going to miss these days, but I’m going to remember them even more. That’s what counts. Remember the good times, not mourning for them. What point is there in getting upset over something you enjoyed? It’s almost a little greedy to want it again, but it’s human nature, so it wouldn’t be fair to say.

Still! Ahh Ivy. I remember that when we were at the movies, I was thirsty, so she took a long drink of coke and kissed me. Then, I suddenly realised I was drinking lol. Aww isn’t she the sweetest? Yes of course she is. Good times, mon ami, good times. She’s given me her labcoat, and omigosh it smells just like her. I’m looking forward to sleeping in it tonight so much! We had a few minutes before the departure at the airport, so she took my hand and led me to the toilets… and around the corner. Darn, was kinda hoping to get kinky ;)
Nah seriously, yeah she kissed me, she flourished my neck (hence my sudden overwhelming love for vampires) with love bites, it was really nice. Just nice, but something at the back of my mind told me we would be interrupted to I broke. Lo and behold with but a second or two to spare, Ivy’s Mom walks around the corner and scolded us. Still, we kissed goodbye once more, I returned the cross she lent me to her, but…

*sigh* I didn’t get to do so many of the things I wanted to. Ice skating, the beach, sex… Lol just kidding. But seriously now, I didn’t get to repay her for everything she got me either. I wanted to get her earrings, and bracelets, and a locket or necklace, and an engraved ring and everything shiny I could find (shiny shiny!) and a bikini (she’s been asking me for one) and all nice clothes and fluffy toys and stuff, but no! Noooo my Tuesday shopping was stolen! The Fremantle markets were closed (as we discovered when we got there) and her Mom hadn’t wanted to go to Carousel, so alas. I couldn’t get her anything really. Oh, and perfume, I wanted to get her perfume. It’s materialistic, I know, but she has so few reminders of me, while she left me with so many. As well as a feeble attempt for me to copy her Chinese name and numerous signatures. But now I’m left feeling guilty, but this is not the end! I shall go to Singapore whenever the pain becomes unbearable (be that half a year or a year and a half) and I shall make it up to her then! Oh how special I shall make her feel, and how much she will have to brag about to her friends.

Anyway, rambling now, but baby? I love you. Remember that, ‘kay? Muacks <3

And to the rest of my reading audience, take care my dear friends! God bless you all.


PS: Photos to be uploaded soon, keep your eyes peeled. Eww….


3 thoughts on “Final Fairwell

  1. says:

    hahahaha too badyou werent kidding about that sex comment ;)

  2. Pete says:

    Raph!! *huggles**in relation to the most pointless comments ever* o_O

  3. Ivy says:

    No he’s not kidding about the sex part and neither was I about the toilets. There were just too many people around to fuck in peace.Just kidding!Heeeheee I love my baby so much *huggles!* John!I got to nuzzle him too! Love,IvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyySugar Rush!!! ***

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