You know; it just occured to me (or rather, this is the first time I’ve considered putting it in writing) that Ivy and I broke a relationship rule. (after 20 minutes of searching through my email…) "The first time thou kiss, it shalt not be in bed" or something or rather. Well guess what. The first time Ivy and I kissed was when I caught her off guard, holding her in bed. No inundation, just an innocent kiss.

Anyway, last night we went to see Mr and Mrs Smith. Yes, I did watch the movie, even if I forgot the ending. Admittedly, however, I missed some small portion of it because I was too busy cuddling Ivy, who had lifted the armrest so she could lie on my lap and be fed popcorn. We had more than half the jumbo box left- possibly because we were kissing so frequently and salt doesn’t taste nice :P

Yay! We also took Neoprints, omigosh the machines are old compared to Singapore, but hey, Neoprints! Can’t go wrong when you’ve got a gorgeous supermodel kissing your cheek and turning the picture into 16 stickers which you put all over everywhere. Meep!

I’m also slightly better at basketball than her, I got 6 hoops, she got 3. Lol we suck, don’t we? Swish~ Unfortunately, airhockey was out of service, but otherwise I would have totally kicked ass. [deleted sentence here] w00t.

It was really nice though, we arranged the time with Mum to have some space before and after the movie. We ended up feeding eachother cookies and cream on a warm waffle with whipped cream and maple syrup. It made my tummy upset =( But then Ivy kissed me aaaaaaaall better and we bought Ice Lemon Tea~ Ocean~!!

Not following? I don’t blame you. This is more of a "I’m going to look back in a hundred years and giggle at myself" entry. Giggle now John, giggle I say! *giggles*

Wooooo Ivy’s so hot. Jko’j wek fuhvosk daffcoj kee~ SCORE! GO TEH JOHN MEISTER!!!

PS: Yes, I’m strange, that’s just a fact of life. Get over it Mark (and anybody else who cares)


3 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    u think ur strange?…haha ur nothin compared to mark! lol hes da random one! REEEEEEEEEE!!!! wait, so am i? meh, lols lalalalala…reeeeeeeeee!!!~ Princess Jessy Poooo!

  2. Pete says:

    Speaking of strange…

  3. Ivy says:

    I see you left out all the details! What about the part halfway through the movie in which I dragged you out into the public toilet and stripped to reveal my latex S&M gear and then seduced you into hardcore sex? Tut tut. Anyway, Starburst Starburst Starburst. I almost forgot the first time we kissed becase they were all so nice and it felt so natural it didn’t feel like the first. Mmm your lips are so soft sweet and wet… And I don’t know where my Neoprints went!! Are they with you baby? I showed off to mom in the tour bus and that is the last time I remember having it! No wait, you took it out the next day and you asked what happened to one of them so THAT is the last time I remembered having it! Chu. We’re going to have to take more. Mark my words hunky. Noooooooooo you got 4 hoops only I got 3 you didn’t get 6! WE got 6 altogether only you got the last one in after it stopped keeping score! And who says you would have trashed me I would have had a strategy (which would have included winking and seduction from across the table so you wouldn’t notice the puck…. gliding… smoothly, right into the hole…) Yay for ice cream! I want to have more. Ooooh and you paid for it I’m so touched <3 From then on you will always get the popcorn and Starburst and I will get the tickets. Kissie kiss!! *giggles* I love yooooooooo ♥, ~Princesse Ivy Poo!

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