The one in a million

In one word, how could I describe Ivy? Perfect.

She’s an angel. She’s the most beautiful creature to grace the planet, and she fell asleep in my arms. It was the most.. beautiful day of my life. We went to Kings Park and walked around together, played on the playgrounds and kissed on the swings. We climbed the double helix staircase and rode around in buses, almost never letting each other’s hands go. We splashed water and chased ducks, we made wishes at the well and whispered to one another through the "magic wall", and we came home together. We lay in bed (no, not after hot, passionate sex before you think it), cradling one another and whispering promises. Every moment I treasured, every part of me she touched became warm and heavy, I was filled with this.. well for lack of a better word, it was like love flowed through my body, warming every part of me. I held her close, we kissed (she’s an amazing kisser -w00t)

We really are the one in million. We were told it wouldn’t happen, but now, I don’t see how anything could stop us. Except that big-ass ocean over there, but hey, we’ve survived this far, we’ll survive a lot more. Meep. I love you Ivy.


4 thoughts on “The one in a million

  1. Pete says:

    Lol. It occured to me that almost no-one reads this blog o_O. Almost though. Names of people who do?:Moi – PeteJessIvyYou – Yourself But then again, people read blogs and dont comment so eh O_O??

  2. Pete says:

    Oh yeh, and i got notes to Melodies of Life if you want them. Bit complicated for me but you’d handle them pretty well >_<

  3. says:

    I read it…once….this time…im bored…its 4 in the morning =D

  4. Ivy says:

    Mm… all my feelings as well, captured exactly. You’re an amazing writer baby. Indeed, that was the most beautiful moment when I was able to fall asleep curled up in your arms, against your warm body, feeling your steady, peaceful breath as you stroked my hair… my favourite ♥(Of course, next is the hot, passionate sex that you denied here… )What a nice first outing. I consider the first official one as the movies, but mm… A date in one of the most famous Parks. Not just any other park, mind you! *Kings Park* Ha! Beat that all you other Singaporean girls! My boyfriend is romantic.I’m blessed. ♥And I will stick with you through all our difficult times, and you promised you will never leave me… and I make that promise back in turn. *kiss*Peteypoo!! More people read his blog than you think.They’re just the people we know but you don’t. Maybe around… more than 10.I love you John!P.S. you’re a better kisser~

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