Lol okay, hey there again. I just remembered maths a little while ago. Mr Presser was explaining some formula or another to calculate some angle or length and while he’s explaining, Pete just calls out "Twelve!" and probably started doodling in his diary. Lol it cacks me up, he’s nuts.

Also, Mr Watson was talking to us in English. "Once you master the rules, you can break them." How cool does that sound? It’s true. The police are almost above law, true musicians improvise and sway the time, writers don’t need to follow rules to make brilliant books. I wonder if I will ever master a rule, but when you think about it, few people realise they’re ability to do so. They just do it.

*sigh* today, I finally snapped a little. Alex asked what that chick from Singapore’s name is; Fenwhee or something, but whatever it was, he said it as an insult. I tried to walk up to him but Pete held me back, you know, the classic "Lemme at ‘im, lemme at ‘im!" style thing. Alex was all like, "Yeah, come on, bring it!" When Pete let go, I took my wallet out of my pocket. Because I didn’t want to slap him myself, I just hit him with my wallet. He said bring it, so I brought it. Of course he was really upset about that.

Also, Jacob Fawcett, Brad Baronas, and a number of other people believe I have a death list because I write my notepad in the variation of Runic I created, aka another language replacing all letters with symbols. Brad wanted to fight me because he wouldn’t take being on my death list, so he walked right up to me and pretended to hit me. When he didn’t  I asked if he really wanted to fight, taking a step forward. Of course, he freaked out and just assumed I would kill him. Some people, like Josh House, I would love to bash the shit out of, but that’s not very Christian of me. It’s why  I haven’t done anything yet, I’m doing my best to love all people, to see the goodness of God and Jesus in everyone. I know it sounds like the whole religious thing, but I believe in human dignity. I believe in solidarity; that we are all responsible for each other on this Earth. Nevertheless, Josh’s absolute stupidity, and his nerve to insult me for being crippled by David Graham in soccer and not wanting to play just made me want to pulverise him. Of course, I didn’t. Anyway, branching off.



2 thoughts on “Darnit.

  1. Jesslahhh says:

    hey hey!alex as in…alex D? haha if dats him, then im not surprised by nethin he says. hehe alex da loooooser! hes uber funni tho! anyways cyas later john!

  2. Ivy says:

    Tag! Baby’s been here while she was at the airport. Did you miss me? Only a few more days!! Whee I feel as if I’m getting married. I love you so much dear don’t be bothered by the other guys anymore I will kick their balls for you when I arrive. I love you honey!!! *smooch smooch smooch* Best luck for exams, you’ll score flying colours and baby will be so so proud of you cause she has such a brilliant genius for a boyfriend muuuuacks!! <3<3<3Love,Your Princess Ivy

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