Meep… it’s late. I know it’s only a little past nine, but I told Ivy I’d be on by 8, and to wait no longer than 10. She’s kept within those boundaries. I just texted her mobile and she says she can’t be on until 9:30.

I know it’s not very decent of me, but I just want to say it. I’m upset, I’m sad that I rushed to get through all of my homework as fast as I can so I could talk to her early and get a good, early night’s sleep for the essay period 6 tomorrow afternoon. I want to do well in it, I’ve studied and I know my stuff, though I trust Dylan Misso to cream me anyway. Regardless, I’ve been just sitting here not accomplishing anything for the past 79 minutes, and so I’m left feeling like I’ve wasted a terrible amount of time.

It’s not your fault Ivy, you know it’s not, but I’m just upset with myself. I guess I’ll feel fine in the morning, and regret writing such a negative entry, but I just want to write it. Meep… good night world.

And I’m sorry to all those reading this that have trouble with their love lives, but forgive me for saying, but Ivy and I are happy. If you don’t want to be happy with us, then please don’t start telling me about how insensitive I am.
To Ivy, thank you for tucking me in darling. It does make me feel so much better, I know that I’m loved. I wish you were here baby, but most everyone at school knows, only 7 more days. I love you




Nah stuff this entry lol. I just talked to Zack, and telling him to smile and to have a good day, to do something he enjoys, that made me change my tune. God I hate these moodswings, but it’s been a while since I’ve had one. Mehehehehe. Yay! *claps* Anyway, feel much better already, though now that I’m thinking clearly, I should get to bed soon to refresh myself for the essay. Bam baby, I’m pumped! Lol kidding, but hey I need to go. I would just disregard this entry if I were you. Night world! Night Ivy~ <3


Oh! Meep meep meep, edit!! I forgot to tell Ivy!

Okay, Ivy I need you to clarify when you’re going to Melbourne, or wherever on the East Coast you were staying, and how long you’re staying in Perth. I also forgot to tell you, and I’m really sorry, but I’m going on a "maths camp" with Pete all weekend! I won’t have time to come on for more than a few minutes tomorrow, and I’ll be gone until Sunday night! Even then I’ll struggle to do all my homework, so I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to leave you more time to get used to Singapore. Settle in, read my stories or do something to keep yourself happy and I’ll talk to you as soon as I can. I’m not sure if I’m allowed mobiles (doubtful but I’ll take mine anyway) but nevertheless, I’ll do my best to keep in touch. Take care then baby, sorry to just wham this all on you, I only found out I was going on the camp last night, but hey. I really hope you understand and don’t get too appointed. Sorry we couldn’t play Neeka and Mikku, but you can hold down the fort by yourself for a while can’t you? I’ll make it up to you when you come back. Hee hee, this is kind of like when you were talking on the phone. "That stuff" and so on, but now I really have to go. Okay baby I love you


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