*sighs, brushing the wet hair from his eyes and plonking onto his chair*

I love this weather, don’t you? The type where it rains and rains and rains and the air is cool, fresh, revitalising… It’s all fine and dandy until you start playing hockey in it. Oh yes ladies and gents. Where did Pete and Alex and most of the B team go? Who knows! Where did I go? To training, with my heavy bags that made me fall over on more than one occassion. For the first time in history, I violated the college uniform by wearing my blazer with my sports uniform.

Ah, I’m bitching. All the while I was telling myself it was piss, aka nothing. Not following David’s theory that thunderstorms are actually when the flying black sheep migrate to New Zealand with shotguns. Occassionally one wlil fall out of the sky and its tail will catch fire as it does so. The rain is their… yeah. Anyways, it’s nothing. Cold, coughing and trying not to sneeze, exhausted to the point of collapse (I did several times when I managed to get home, taking each step slowly so as not to topple over) but I got there. Here I am now talking to my baby who’s just returned from China after her long ten days away. I hope she’s been all right, I have to try to make everything up to her now.

*sigh* I’ve got all that catch up work to do for missing three days of school. Everything comes back to bite you in the ass eventually, and I guess that means taking tomorrow off is completely out of the question too. Meep, it’s everything day tomorrow, all the subjects. I’m so behind in Materials too.

I also asked Mr Watson, flattering him in a way, being the most intellectual person I could bother asking.
"Why do I ask so many questions now? Why is it that at this age, I challenge, I question, I wonder?" He said about 5 minutes worth of stuff that in summary, it’s finding a sense of one’s identity, in the time between childhood and adulthood- adolescence, that is. Also, why is it that adults seem to come up with the answers we are told as children, when as adolescants, we challenge all those teachings? It’s apparently context, that plays a huge part in it, but hey.

Anyways I’m rambling, and I’m still very tired. I don’t know how I’m going to chew through all of my homework, but for now, I’m having a catch up session with my baby girl. See you all tomorrow.


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