Life 2

Picture this.

Life is like a penny dropping from someone’s hand.
Life is like a step in eternity.

Okay, assume there is no life after death. That then means that one has only his lifetime to live, so that lifetime becomes his eternity.

Why do we live? To survive? To create? Life, if life is precious, must always forever then be continued, but what purpose is there other than to continue it?

Is joy really enough? Imagine, just to have fun with other people, to speed through endless space, to explode some unstable star into a nova, to flee before the outrage of some adult- this would fill eternity. If you had the ability to create your own universe in your back yard, just a few pebbles as planets, why would you create sustainable life?

We survive. We multiply. We know. It is our nature as humans to seek knowledge, to be intelligent, to rule over all lesser creatures.

Have we really become dangerous? To who? Does time matter? How long is a day to God? Why is there no great sunbound comet? Is time the same for everyone? No of course not. Dogs age faster than us. Butterflies die three days after they break free of their chrysallis. Turtles live for up to hundreds of years. What is time to us is not time to everyone else, and so, what is time? Really, what?

Time: A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. We have units to measure time, but it’s apparent that our version may not be the most accurate nor sensible in the grand scheme of the universe.

On an entirely different scale, what about parallel universes? Okay, well, maybe not parallel, but other life. There has to be. Humankind, on one planet, just floating around in a desolate area of the universe. Our progress is amazing, but it will be our demise, and inevitably, will that matter either? Just another species wiped out, assuming we don’t kill all the other organisms on the planet. The extinction of so many creatures doesn’t seem to matter to us, so our extinction shouldn’t mean all that much to another lifeform. Hm… Life. Life in space, is it possible? Wow I have a strange chain of thought.

The pheonix reaction… Life, death, then life again from the remenants of death. Our actions, irreversable on the continuum of time, will result in mistakes as we progress. Irreversable mistakes, but then, what of the rising from the ashes?

Okay, so back to the original question; what is the meaning of life? Ponder ponder ponder, I wonder if I’ll ever know. I think I ask too many questions, but I’m not about to stop. Asking questions is progress, and progress leads places, for better or for worse. I just wonder where I’ll end up. I’ll get there when I get there, and so I’m going to get there.


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